Thursday, 30 July 2009

Busy Fingers

Two Bun's went off to play with their grandparents and one mummy was left with a whole day to get busy making more Bobo Bun goodies for the Little Vintage Lover fair. Ideas that have bounced around my head while I cook, clean, entertain and cuddle have finally made their way to the materials that have sat patiently waiting.

Leaping hares raced out together in thick felted wool. I stitched and stitched until they became beautiful brooches.

Three now need to become four, five, six and maybe seven more.

I have so many different ideas of how I want to decorate the crochet bracelets I've started making. Today I added some vintage buckles to a few. I want to keep this one for me as I love the pale blue cotton contrasting with the pale ivory coloured buckle.

I also took a look in the basket of started a long time ago and then forgotten about things. From the flowers I had crocheted an age ago, I chose this one and with some felted leaves and a bit of stitchery it became a brooch.

All the while I cut and sewed I had these bright and sunny dahlias to look at. I like the way the colours of the fabric above starts to blend naturally into the yellows of the petals below.

And finally, two embroideries I made in January. They were going to become cushions almost straight away, but it seems it's taking a bit longer. I've left them out to remind me to actually finish them for the little girls they are being made for.


  1. Hi Mrs Bun, I just love your page so interesting and pretty!. I love your girls names embroided and wondered if I could comission at some point the same design but instead of a name my wedding date 070707 little cushion?!

    I won't be able to visit you sunday as I am in southwold all day


  2. Good luck for the fair, the new makes are very pretty indeed, hope they go well.
    Hen x

  3. love, love, love the embroideries! And everything else you've made of course! Good luck for the fair.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. Thanks Emma - I'd love to do that for you. I'll be in touch.

    Mrs Bun

  5. Hi Mrs B,

    same here with the catch up! I keep popping by, but never have the time to write anything - how daft does that sound when you say it out loud??

    Love the jumping hares, brooches, flowers, cushions, embroidery...

    Good luck at the fair and have a lovely, lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  6. Your leaping hairs are great and the embrodery is fantastic.

    Victoria xx

  7. The Leaping Hares are beautiful, they look very soft. It's amazing what you can achieve with a few hours to yourself. I know what you mean with the planning while cooking and cleaning.

  8. Hi Mrs Bun
    love the leaping hares, they are completely unique to you alone! pix of Bun family in somerleyton grounds are fabulous - looks like a perfick english august to me!

    ozzie cornish pixie xx


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