Thursday, 4 June 2009

Too much talking

Going to my first knitting evening I found it quite hard thinking what to take as I usually flit from thing to thing. In the end I took a bag of lots of yummy coloured yarns and thought I'd probably get quite a few flowers crocheted for hair bands and brooches.

Out of the bag - in two hours - came this little beauty. I'm amazed I even made this one as I was having such a lovely time meeting all the new ladies (oh and munching on nibbles and sipping wine too). I'm an easily distracted person who has two stalls to fill for the next two weekends, I really shouldn't be here now should I? Better go and get on with it then. See you after the weekend.


  1. You did well at multi tasking! I can talk and have a go at crochet, but doing two at the same time, phew my poor little brain would fizzle out.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. Lovely Colours , hope you manage to fit in time for all you need... If you have time, pay me a visit too !

  3. hello Lisa and thanks for visiting my blog. I am off to bed now as it is ridiculously late but I will come back tomorrow for a lokk through you pretty blog x

  4. Here's the thing. If I was in your crochet group, and saw your lovely bag of wool and that cute little eyeglass case I would immediately know you were my kind of gal.

    And what a bonus, having a sip of wine!


  5. Wishing you all the best for your up and coming fairs..
    Hope you have time for some fun too.


  6. What a pretty flower, I'm going to try crocheting some flowers later today. xxx


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