Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Tale of a Parcel and a Bag or Two.

After a highly enjoyable day of creative goodness yesterday I had my post all planned to show you some of my makes. Now that will have to come a bit further down after something else because I had a parcel today. I was out feeding the hens and so very nearly didn't get it as the postie couldn't make me hear him. Luckily I saw the card in time and ran out to his van. Double treat as it wasn't our usual postie (who is a very very nice man I must add and I get on well with him), but this one was tall, dark and handsome. Not the sort you get round here really, mostly elderly farmers and old ladies on mopeds make up the local scenery. I was expecting a really dull flat packet for Mr Bun as usual (certificates for work stuff) and instead I was handed a fat squishy, squashy parcel with my name on. I was so excited my brain didn't connect who the handwriting belonged to and the fact that it was posted in the UK didn't help with clues. Later I realised it was sent on.

When I opened it so many treats spilled out, all for me - me - me. I'm very excited you see by parcels. The card inside said I hope the postie brings this on a day when you need a parcel of friendly hugs. When I saw this beautiful handmade concertina card I knew who it was from. My most wonderful in the whole world best friend Jo. We're more like sisters than friends. She feels happy, I'm happy, she's sad I feel sad with her. I love her very much and haven't seen her for nearly four years now as her husband's dreams took them back to Australia. She's really a Cornish girl through and through and I hope one day she will return so we can take our buckets and spades to make sandcastles with her and the three J's. Somehow we have managed to keep our friendship as strong as always, but it is never the same as being able to share a laugh, a hug or a coffee and natter each day. Whatever, I just know I am lucky to have her in my life.

it ends ... I wonder if they're dry? The other side is about the greedy man from St Ives and his seven wives. I love it.

The fruity apron with the strawberry pocket (which is not too kitsch at all) is gorgeous and will probable be stolen by the Buns; a so pretty floral round cloth which I guess is also made for me is now on the table in the sitting room (I put it there while the photos uploaded) and then one of two embroidered cloths.

On to the rest so you can see I'm being truly spoilt. Soft bedsocks, an embroidered purse, vintage girls book (looks very Mallory Towers) some rubbers' another embroidered cloth and then some Pawpaw cream from Queensland made local to Jo. Apparently Kate Moss uses it so it's now famous cream and I'm ahead of the game by having some. Well honey you are the best and you know it.

Before I change the subject ever so slightly I thought I should show you how groovy I look in my new apron.

Funnily enough the post I had planned for today is also inspired by Jo, so the parcel was timed to arrive perfectly. About a year ago now she had sent me some great floral cord fabric. I loved it, but didn't know what I wanted to do with it, until yesterday. On Monday I bought an Amy Butler pattern as I loved the bow on the strap. I haven't used a pattern for years now, I always make my own and as I used to design and make my own bags by commission I knew could easily make something similar. On Monday though I just wanted it easy and to be able to get on with it rather than keep it in my head as an idea. I couldn't start until Tuesday though as the table was needed by Mr Bun as he was having a meeting at home, so I had to be quiet and well behaved instead.

Here's the fabulous cord in it's orangey, floral goodness. I chose to line it in some leftovers from a roman blind made in a Designers Guild stripe. I thought the colours went, but also it's quite thick fabric and the instructions called for canvas to interline for added strength. I hadn't got any so made do with what was on offer so I could get on. My fingers were itchy to start making.

Here it is a few hours later all made up and hanging politely with bags of my own design. Not long after it had it's first big trip to Budgens for a bit of glamorous food shopping.

A closer peek at the beautiful bow. Without it it's really quite an ordinary bag. The bow definately makes it.

This is sort of what it looks like on.

Next up I thought I would show you my chicken bag. Outside and then ....

... the beautiful carnation fabric inside. This is from some vintage curtains I bought in Islington years ago. I stole some from the bottom and the rest is still neatly folded on a shelf waiting to become proper curtains again.

The one behind is made from a 1960's dress. It's the one that Mr Bun said he would choose if he were a girl.

And finally a peek into the bag of bits and bobs that came back from the car boot today. More on those tommorow.


  1. 'Ohhhh' lots of bags and a parcel - shere to start?!

    Friends are the best the truly wholesome lifelong kind that take you as you and who intuitively know when a text, phone call or parcel is all that you need to make you feel special!

    The bag came out great and I love the colour and pattern and I'm glad it held up to the Budgens shop!

    take care,

    Nina x

  2. What a wonderful post, and an awesome surprise in the mail! It sounds like you have had lots of fun with all your goodies!

    If it's not too late in the day for you, maybe you could link your post to my "Red Wednesday" postings. Today I showed my strawberries, and your apron would fit in perfectly!

    Sue (

  3. Bags, bags, bags - my favourite things and I'm rather envious of the ones you have been making! Loved the goodies you got in your parcel too :)

  4. Pawpaw cream is wonderful! I so wish you could get it here. I used it when my son was born almost 18 years ago - it is THE best thing for nappy rash! I still have a pot that I dip into every now and again.

    The bags are lovely - I really enjoy making bags as well.

  5. Oh this is wonderful! What scrummy antipodean treats! Loving the glamour trip to Budgens! And there's something very exciting in the carbooty! t.x

  6. ohh lovely post, bags and vintagey bits and bobs, i love the chicken bag you made!!

    just to let you know i tagged you on my blog pop over to if you fancy taking part,

    be back tomorrow to see your car boot bits
    felicity xx

  7. Blimey charlie, gorgeous bags!
    I'm all about blanket cushions at the moment...the house is awash.
    Have a great week, jusx

  8. look at the bags!!! so pretty!..

    happy rednesday & have a great day too!


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