Sunday, 28 June 2009

Scenes from Village Life

On Saturday Little Bun and I went to feed the ducks and saw a poster announcing a Dog Show was going to be held in our village on Sunday. Alfie Blue was put into training straight away and brushed and polished to a high sheen. We were there bright and fresh first thing thinking it would be a laid back fun show. Alfie was entered into Most Handsome Dog (class no 3) and Pedigree (class no 13).

We waited and waited. Serious competitors turned up, people ran in a Crufts kind of way beside their dogs and we started to think maybe this wasn't going to be the fun thing we thought it would be. After an hour No 1 class hadn't even finished, so we decided Alfie was a star for us and we needed to go and get on with our Sunday somewhere else.

As we walked past the pond some of the ducks followed us as usual, but we hadn't brought food with us today.

The Buns were in too much of a hurry anyway as around 11am every Sunday the sound of the icecream van jingles can be heard. Each week we rush out hoping we haven't missed it as it pulls up by our cottage.
And here it was today just over the road from our home.

Success - happiness is a yummy 99.

No icecream for me today, but I did get these beautiful sweetpeas on the walk back. Cornflowers, sweet williams and sweetpeas are also there to choose from for only 70p a bunch. The scent from them is delicious. I think some more cornflowers tomorrow.

I was given some cornflowers this week by a bloggy visitor who came for cake and to chat. Teena also kindly brought me some apple juice (pressed from their own fruit no less) and homemade crab apple jelly. I must ask for the recipe as I end up sweeping our crab apples up each year, not knowing what to do with them.

I must also finally get round to saying a big thankyou to the bloggy ladies who have given me awards over the last few weeks. Melanie awarded me this -

Fleur and Mandy this one -

Little Gem this -

and Rebecca this award.

Thankyou for thinking of me all of you, it's really appreciated. I must apologise for being so rubbish and only just getting round to my thankyou's. I've also been tagged by Fabric Nation and Joshy and Belle so sometime soon I will reply with my own thoughts and ideas. Rather than passing any of these awards on to anyone in particular, I would like to award anyone who takes the time to blog and finds it truly inspiring to do so.
Now I must get go and get my sleep as I have a crochet class to teach in the morning and then a lion and a bellydancer to watch in the school play in the afternoon. Wishing you all a great week.


  1. that certainly does look like the scrummiest yummiest 99 cornet! sweet little bun! t.x

  2. I was totally relating to your experience with the doggy show! I'm always amazed how seriously it's taken! Maybe it was one of those shows that can qualify the participants to enter Crufts? I remember waitng for hours to show Ellie and Douglas, and then Douglas sat down and refused to walk! We haven't entered Ellie and Douglas again, as you say, it's terribly time consuming, and we all know our own dogs are the true winners of these things don't we?!!!!!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. I think your Alfie looks like a star too!

    So many awards - see, how could you ever doubt?

    take care and have a lovely week,

    Nina x


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