Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Random Things I Love

I've been tagged by Joshy and Belle to write about six unimportant things that I love. For me anything I love is not unimportant by virtue of its being loved, so this will be about some of the things that I love because they are.

This picture captures lots of things I love. The randomness of things that come together. The memories that are contained in these things. The pleasure gained from looking at them daily. I was drawn to the colours of the bowl and the childlike splodgy, naivete of the design. Inside is a small broken bird shell found by the Bun's one day in our garden and then just left in this bowl as they raced to another adventure. In front is a small leather pill box which was my great-grandmothers. The once vibrant purple velvet which lines it is now quite faded.

I love the world that is our home. Of all the places I most want to be, it's wherever my wonderful family and I have made our home.

This victorian sardine dish is loved for various reasons. The design and the intensity of the yellow are pretty good reasons, but there are far more significant reasons to love this. We bought it on holiday in Devon weeks before our beautiful Eldest Bun was born. It was a time of lazy summer days. Just the two of us before the unknown of another coming into our lives. This dish holds memories of that time.

Whilst I love the fantastic colours of my floral tin and cherub, my most loved object in this picture is the small framed sketch Mr Bun drew for me one Mother's Day. It captures the Bun's when they were small going for a walk with a balloon.

Quirky things, small things, sparkly things - all gathered together to make me smile.

China, colour and beautiful old things that fill cupboards and make this home that I love so much


  1. Hi Mrs Bun
    They are truely lovely treasures too. I love the little birds egg in the bowl.
    I am up nice and early again! it is like 5.28 and I thought I would catch up as I have neglected my blog as usual!
    take care x Dom

  2. Lovely treasures and memories.

  3. It's the simple things that make all the difference.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  4. I LOVE the sardine dish, gorgeous!!

  5. SIX?! Just six?! What's not to love in everything in every one of these pictures! Lovely post Mrs. t.xx


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