Friday, 5 June 2009

A Quick Peek

I'm stitching labels on some of my makes for Sunday and then in my usual fashion got distracted, so here I am writing a post and thought I would show some of the extra goodies I've been making for Little Vintage Lovers Fair on Sunday.

I've made a few more of these felt needlecases. I love making these little booklets as they are so soft to work and no edges to fray. The colours and possibilities are endless, just wish my time was as they're not quick to make (or maybe it's just me).

Button and trinket bags lined up waiting for their labels. I have quite a few of these out of shot too.

I love the effect of covering buttons in vintage cloth scraps. It takes a while to be able to cut them as I always think about how long it took the woman who made it and there I am about to chop it up. The result is always worth it though and means they will be seen and appreciated rather than hidden in a drawer.

It's taking me longer than I thought it would though to sew them all on the card. So I might be here a while.

I've also embroidered my little birdie sketch onto felt badges. I've only made a couple to see how interested people are in them. Guessing what will sell is the hard thing with handmade work. I can only go with my taste because if I make for others taste I know I'm not creating what I love and enjoy doing. I also think if I make a small selection of each thing then it keeps the ideas fresh and far more unique. That's the theory anyhoo.

Still lots of things waiting to be sewn up, but only tommorow left now and I still need to price up lots of my china and glass.

Right off to the bank to get a float for my beautiful vintage till, which goes ding everytime I open it.


  1. Just gorgeous things. Really really pretty. Mind if I ask where you get your felt and if it is wool? All they sell in shops here in the states is synthetic felt. I could go online to get wool. I just don't know much about felt but I love the way it looks.

  2. Thanks for visiting ! I love the buttons they are beautiful,

  3. I used to have one of those tills is it wooden? your things are beautiful.

  4. i love the bags and covered buttons, good luck at the fair
    felicity xx

  5. All your things are beautiful and I love your needlecases - far better than mine!

    I recently bought a thingy to make buttons, but as yet it is still wrapped up awaiting to be used, it it quite easy or it another skill I need to master?

    Anyhoo (I love that word!) have a lovely, lovely weekend and good luck with the fair though I'm sure you won't need it.

    take care,

    Nina x

  6. Ohhhhhhh (gasps of delight) your things are so lovely!! How I wish I could come to your stall, Im especially smitten with your little needle cases and totally appreciate the amount of work you must put into them having recently taken to little stitchy projects myself this year.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Love Julia xxx

  7. Oohh, all your makes are gorgeous, you've been very busy! Fingers crossed that you'll have a wonderful day!
    Rachel x

  8. hello, me again! :)

    Just wanted to reply to your question about blinds on my blog - well, this had to be an easy one for me to have a go at it, Im a total stitchy novice really, but all it entailed was double hemming a piece of material slightly wider than the window, make a turnover at the top for a pole and adding ribbon at intervals on both sides to tie for the roll up bit - the free booklet was with Good Homes mag.
    Hope that made sense!

    J x

  9. Hope it all went well and that you had some fun too. In answer to your comment on my blog, yes it is crazy here just now! Hoping to draw breath anytime soon! Have a lovely week x


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