Wednesday, 3 June 2009

It's all gone very pink and green

I was late getting to the car boot this morning. I was having a chat with a friend at school, but in the back of my mind I was wondering what lovelies might be leaving before I got there to buy them. Well - I needn't have worried. I still came away with a very full bag, flowers and all our fruit and veg for the week.
Strangely enough when I emptied out my bag at home I found I'd been buying to a colour theme without even realising it. So fabulous shades of 30's pink and green, one of my favourites.

I love the two Beryl jugs, I've never seen the mini one before, but we already have the larger one from Mr Bun's mum.

The design on these bowls is fabulous and will probably inspire a few brooches or embroideries I think. I guess they are 50's or early 60's. Another utility plate, a pretty green floral plate and a spring floral ring. We have a green glass one of these already, which we call the easter ring. I didn't know what it was until a friend who is a florist explained they are for putting all the small buds such as violets, narcissus and primrose in. So it always goes on the lunch table on Easter Sunday filled up in the middle with choccy eggs.

I bought these two beautiful peonies from a man who had grown them himself. He told me the names, but like most information these days, it's wandered off out of my brain to somewhere else. I bought the Sweet Williams from the fruit and veg man. They were the favourites of my one and only Nan Daisy who died when I was six. I only have vague memories of her, but apparently we were best friends so I buy these each year in memory of a lovely Nanny who gave me Bobo Bunny to cuddle forever.

Being born in 1968 I'm not a great lover of Pyrex as there was too much about in the 70's so I thought it was awful then. So I was a bit surprised when I found this small pyrex rose dish and loved it. As I wrote that the penny has just dropped and I've realised why I like it. My Nanny's huge cooking bowl is exactly the same design. It is something we used for all our baking when I was little and mum still uses it. Well know I now why I wanted it. The other little pot is just delightful, something I can see my business cards sitting in on my stall.

A few more books were bought as usual. The painting book hasn't been used at all.

After having a good look at all my buys I couldn't ignore the screeching of the ladies any longer, so I went to feed them their elevenses. Three eggs today instead of four all ready for baking as it is little bun's classes turn for the after school cake sale tommorow. Not sure yet whether to go for a big adults cake or lots of tiny buns. On the way back to the house I picked the first of the apricot roses from eldest buns' rose bush. I haven't got a clue what it's called, but I call it Sweet Sherbet as that's what it smells like. It was planted after she was born and has moved house five times now. It smells of small children and sticky sweets so a perfect memory rose. Little Bun had an apple tree planted for her birth. Already it has eight small fruits on it (it's still little like her). The lemon rose is there as I was trying to tie up the huge bush it's from and fell on it and in it instead. All a bit sore so I took a rose as payment.
As I've finished writing I realised this post is also about memories and not just colours. I've really enjoyed writing this and remembering these things today.
To end a perfect day I'm going to an evening knitting & crochet group for the first time. It's organised by a friend who has a wool shop and we're meeting in the wine bar of the local market town's theatre. All sounds very good I think, not sure if any hooking will happen, but we'll see.


  1. What amazing finds! Such sweet memories too. Lovely post. I wish I could join your knitting group :) It would be a long commute!

  2. All those fabulous bargains - you certainly have an eye! I am absolutely useless as I usually wander around in a daze looking at all the other bargains people have spied.

    Though items bought with memories I find are always the best.

    take care and have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  3. What great finds. Love the colours. Hope the school cake sale goes well let us know what you decide to make x

  4. Great finds! Will you be posting the Beryl jugs on Flickr? You can join in my utility china group!
    LOvE the pyrex too - you could post that to Pyrex Love on flickr - Lots of pyrex nutters there! I guarantee you'll get hooked! t.xx

  5. Everything is beautiful! I wish we had car boots here in the States! The flowers are all gorgeous, and I like the apricot rose best!


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