Thursday, 11 June 2009

Inside my bag you will find ....

Yesterday I left you peeking inside my bag to get a hint of the car boot goodies. Well I've now unpacked it so you can see the treasures that were found.

This has to be my favourite find. I've searched high and low for one of these cloths as I have had various ideas of what I wanted to do with it if I ever found one. Thing is I don't want to waste it so I need to find out how I can copy the fabric and then I will keep some spare for more ideas.

This bowl is in many ways 'nasty' if you get my meaning - which makes it 'lovely' in another way altogether. Am I making sense I wonder. Sadly it's stained along the hairline crack at the bottom so it's holding all the satsumas at the moment.

Another tin - always tins with me. I can't resist them, but then forget what I've put in each one so it's a surprise each and every time I get the lid off. The Sweetpeas book was bought from the daughter of a very old friend who I have since lost touch with. I first met her when I was seventeen and she was the manager of a Jaeger store. She came up to me at a bus stop one day and asked if I would do catwalk modelling for them. So for the next couple of years I met other six footers and we had a very strutty fun time around our college work.

What can you say about this trio, other than it is delicious. Purple, gold and then a complete burst of flowers thrown in. The small felt purses were made by the lady's mother. At 20p I couldn't resist them.

Side view of the trio to show how amazing the shade of purple is. I bought the flowers on the way back into our village. A lady leaves them outside her house with other plants and sometimes veg. I'm eagerly awaiting the first sweet peas as they are one of my favourites. For now Mr Bun has cornfloweres which are one of his favourites, the other being Sunflowers for him.

A much better shot of Stanley and cornflowers saying bye for now as I'd better be getting a bit more work done. I have another fair on Saturday, so off I go with my crafty hands to see what I end up making.


  1. Great finds, as usual. You obviously have a very good bargain eye!
    The flowers look gorgeous in the blue jug.
    Beki xxx

  2. Hi, you've been tagged by me! It took me ages, so no worries if you want to declare feignites!* Lovely vintage finds too. I want that tablecloth! I'm obsessed with this print style at the moment. Look forward to seeing what you make. gx

    *we used to say this with crossed fingers to avoid being tagged in games of 'it' or chase - not sure how widespread its use is nowadays!

  3. Great bargains as always and I love that teacup and saucer, that colour purple always reminds me of cadbury's chocolate, mmmmmmm!

    take care,

    Nina x

  4. Oh my goodness I just love your teacup, saucer and plate - just my kind of thing! Beautiful!

    Some lovely finds.

    Thanks for visiting :-)

  5. Love those small felt purses, they are so cute. Gorgeous cornflowers.

  6. Great buys! Well done.
    I love the blue flowers they look stunning x

  7. Absolutely love the purple cup and saucers.

  8. oh excellent booty! LOVE that purple! and the cloth! and the tin! and the little purses..... you did good! t.x

  9. Fantastic finds. xxxx

  10. You have obviously got a better caliber of boot sales in your area. Great finds your cushion is looking very pretty too.

  11. What great 'trove'. Hope I'm as lucky this morning.
    Lesley X


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