Thursday, 18 June 2009

Inside and Outside

My week wouldn't be whole without the Wednesday carboot. Only a few goodies this week, but they were definately worth the trip, despite having to take a very naughty Mr Alfie Blue with me. Mr Salt and Ms Pepper above are in fantastic condition so will be perfect for the next fair. Yet more Enid's which are always added to the pile with delight by the Bun's. In front is the most delightful child's saucer, Such a shame the cup is no longer with it, but it is still a small object of gorgeousness in it's own right. I especially love the snail pulling a trolley along.

Yet more fantastic linens and cloths before they become something entirely new indeed.

A pretty oval glass dish and lots and lots of buttons and buckles. I picked these out from a pitch laid out on the floor. With my right hand I searched through all the treasures in front of me whilst my left held on tightly to a very naughty Pug. As I got more absorbed in selecting my buttons, Alfie saw a dog he absolutely needed to chase walk behind me. So off he went and I followed on my bum in the mud. I wonder why I've never really enjoyed taking him with me. He loves being the star of the moment though and so we stop and talk to people who want to know all about this very mischievious boy that walks amongst them.

I also picked up a fantastic plant stand soon to be painted. I'll add that to the next post or so. Might choose a different colour as Little Bun said quite dismissively "I bet it will blue or white as usual." That's me told then.

It seems whilst I've been out and about this week our garden has used all the sun and tons of rain to go mad. It's becoming quite jungly in parts and something needs to be done. A father's day treat perhaps. Mr Bun can clear while we serve him Pimms and fancy cakes. Aren't these water lillies fabulous?

In the apple tree above the hen run tbere is an enormous rose bush that literally explodes with blooms each year. This picture doesn't capture how pink the roses really are, nor the amazing scent when I stand underneath feeding the ladies and collecting their eggs.

These lilies grow alongside my lily of the valley which have now stopped flowering and I have these huge ones instead.

Finally some incredibly tall delphiniums. Yet another of my favourite plants. The sunlight is a bit too strong on them too fully make out the fantastic colours. I'm not going to knock the sun though. It can carry on shining.

Now for a more peaceful weekend as it's my first for a couple of weeks when I'm not at a fair. I think we may be going to a riverside concert on Saturday evening as it starts early so it's ideal for the Bun's. The real lure though is the promise of a colourdome. Not sure what one is, so I hope it is as exciting as it sounds. Then High Tea of strawberries, scones, cake and delicate sandwiches planned for the two fathers on Sunday.

Wishing you all a great weekend too.


  1. Well done on your fab buys, I am particularly liking all the pretty blue buttons you've found. Wish there was a decent carboot near me - I feel like I am missing out big time! X

  2. Great haul as ever! You have such a good eye mrs! Have a lovely weekend. High tea sounds delicious! t.x

  3. Looks like you bagged some bargains despite Mr Alfie!!

    Your garden is gorgeous and I love the idea of Pimms - chin, chin!!

    take care,

    Nina x

  4. I absolutely love your flowers! I've always had trouble growing delph's here in Massachusetts (US). Don't know why.

    Great finds this week!

  5. Those are fab buys from the car boot - the salt and pepper mills are like some my mother had from the 50's, joined by a mustard pot too. And the garden looks so pretty - I am struggling to keep on top of all the weeds that are growing in mine with all the wet weather. Have a great weekend x

  6. Little something for you over at my blog xxx

  7. Naughty little chap your dog, but thats dogs for you! You still managed to net some wonderful things, and I was delighted to see an Amelia Jane amongst your books - yes, I had the very same one as a young lass!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Love Julia xxx

  8. Hello you have some awards waiting for you on my blog :) xx

  9. Wonderful finds. I went to garage sales this morning. Found a cute little jadite creamer begging to come home with me for $2.75. It made my week. Your garden looks just lovely too.

  10. Nice to see your Blyton, buckles and buttons blog!! Lovely pics.
    Lesley X

  11. Help me with my children's book puzzle purleeaaassseee!!!

    I have given you a well deserved Blog Award too!


  12. I don't know whether I'm envious you have a boot sale on a Wednesday or pleased ours only seem to be at the weekends so it cuts the spending down!

    Victoria xx


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