Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm on a roll

I found these zingy and fun ribbons at the Range yesterday. Never been before, but it was opposite the garage I was collecting my friend from so I popped in to see what it was like.
When I got home we had the most unbelievable storms - lots of rumbles and hailstones. Perfect crochet weather I thought. So for an hour before collecting the buns from school I attacked my slowly growing cushion cover.

I'd slip stitched all the squares together the night before so I was finishing off with a couple of rows of dc edging to bring it all together. I started off sitting on my hard desk chair as Pip had taken up all of the comfy armchair beside my desk. Then she moved over ever so slightly ...
... so I slid in bedside her.
Edged my bum over a bit ...

... and there we are she took over for a bit while I had a catnap (hahaha - aren't puns awful).

So back to my nimble fingers again, I've finished the edging and started on the flowers. I thought I'd use Vanessa's flowers as they are the perfect size for this project. Just need to do these and make the back and I will finally have a beautiful flower garden cushion.


  1. Beautiful! And perfect beside your yellow roses! thank-you for another peek! I intend to stroke those cushions one day! (I'll let you stroke my pink roses!) t.x

  2. Oh your cushion covers are beautiful your so clever.
    Thank you for your kind words about my back I just want it sorted it is getting me down now :(

  3. What a gorgeous cushion and love your colour choices.

  4. So pretty and what great colours. I do envy those who can crochet - I will master it one day!

  5. Oh I love it - so beautiful and is going to look just perfect once you finish the flowers. What a lovely pattern. I can't wait to see it finished.

  6. That last picture is one of those pictures that is such eye candy - like crafy prosac - it makes me all relaxed and happy.

    Hmm - did that sound odd?


  7. Hi, I have the cat (well two actually) and the comfy chair but also a total inability to get on with knitting and crochet! ... must do a course some time. Yours looks lovely.
    Lesley X

  8. Your cushion is looking wonderful! I'm in the process of making a few granny squares, which I shall sew up and make into a bag. xxxx

  9. I love this latest crochet creation Lisa. Where did yu get the pattern from, it's adorable?

  10. I love the colours you've chosen for your squares, it's looking fabulous! Love it!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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