Monday, 22 June 2009

High Tea

Two father's to celebrate Father's Day for, Grandad and Mr Bun. Little Bun was beside herself with excitement. She loves any kind of special occasion and so set to with her daddy to arrange everything on the table. I know I was meant to be doing it, but eldest bun and I were groaning until the afternoon as we were feeling very poorly indeed.

Thank goodness I had made the cakes the day before. Being the control freak I am I did manage to get all the pretty china out for them to use. Little bun called it our strawberry tea and tucked in with gusto.


  1. What a lovely tea - it looks so pretty x

  2. Sweetie you should have called me! I would happily have popped over to eat the cake for you - I'd hate to think of you suffering for the sake of good manners - no really, no trouble at all! Hope you and little bun are better soon! t.x

  3. Love the pint on the table, must belong to a proper dad!

  4. Youre blog always looks really yummy! I could eat it all x Dom

  5. How wonferdul that tea looks! I have the same red & white plates, perfect for strawberries and cream! I love afternoon teas and yours is one that looks right up my street!
    Isabelle x

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  7. Quite funny really lucylisle as Mr Bun rarely drinks. It's actually eldest buns apple juice.

  8. Oh, that is so nice. We were busy with the big move so didn't get to celebrate like I wanted, but he still got spoiled a little :)

  9. What a fabulous vintage tea party honey.
    Sorry to hear that you and bigger bun wasn't feeling your best. Hope you are both better now.

    Once again sorry for the delay in the swap shhh! i won't tell if you don't lol
    I did pick up somwtihng really nice to go in the parcel today and am still making something.
    It's just been the busiest time for me and i know you've been the same.
    We're off soon to featherdown farm and i can't wait but will still have load sof work waiting for my return Argh! and it's my first fair of the year this Saturday. I'm working my fingers to the bone painting items for the stall.
    Wish you where nearly it would be lovely to meet you sweetie.
    Right best get some sleep zzzz
    Catherine x

  10. It looks fantastic, is there any left over for me?!

    Victoria xx

  11. I adore that tablecloth, it sets off your china and goodies so well.
    I love tea parties and invent any excuse to set up the table (even the cats birthday is celebrated with the best china and cakes!!)

  12. Hi, A good, old fashioned English tea-time is a real treat! Thanks for sharing yours:)
    Lesley X

  13. Hello there,

    I found your blog a couple of days ago and have been fascinated!

    I am fairly new (and not very consistent) at it myself.

    I loved reading about all your car boot finds, and also about some of the fairs you have done. Your real till that pings!

    If you find a mo to look at my blog you'll see that until a few weeks ago I had my own little shop, so I totally get the till excitement thing!

    These days I have closed the shop and just sell online.

    Oh! I can't remember where it was now (I read quite a lot) but in one of your pics there was a Maileg bunny, like the ones I sell!!! I love spotting them.

    Anyway, lovely to meet you...



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