Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Lovely Vintage

For me, a late night bird, doing a fair is hard work as it means getting up very very early. As usual I went to bed at 1am the night before and then my trusty bodyclock woke me up at 5am and then 6am. Oh shut up clock I thought, leave me alone I want to sleep more. I got up though and extolled the wonders of make-up to give me a more zingy, I'm really very awake now appearance. I kissed and cuddled my three sleeping beauties and then hit the road for North Norfolk and The Little Vintage Lovers Fair.
Once I'd set up shop, I wandered and took some quick shots before the crowds came in.
I thought it would be easier to show you my stall in three parts so you can get the whole look. The light wasn't great in there so some of the pictures are darker than I would like.
Moving in from the left and past my gorgeous till. The best part of having a stall is playing proper shopkeepers with a till that goes ding every time I open it to pop more money in.

On to the middle and zooming past to ....

... the start of the small table that I shared with the lady beside me.

I wonder if anyone can guess who it might be? I never quite managed to catch her in a photo, but I got this picture of her gorgeous stall. That's right, it's Teena of Kitschen Pink's stall.

It was great to meet her at last and find she loves a good natter and a bit of cake tasting as much as me. So very good company for the day. There were other fantastic stalls at Vintage Lover too. One of them I have stupidly deleted the picture of so I must mention Fi who makes vintage inspired girls and womens dresses. You can find her at http://www.madeinmangreen.co.uk/. She brought her lovely daughter with her for the day and it was a pleasure meeting both of them.

There were the most beautiful 40's and 50's dresses. Sadly I'm not the right shape or height for these, but I looked and dreamed awhile.

This lady sold the most fabulous things, including elephants she had made out of vintage wool coats. As you can see I couldn't resist, so Stripey Jumbo Peter came home with me to be cuddled By Little Bun.

And from Teena I bought this oh too cute pup for Eldest Bun. She has named her puppy Petal.

Oh of course I had to buy myself something didn't I. Well a great basket in a shape I've sought for a while now.

Always room for a few more buttons. The orangey pink ones will have to go on the cardigan I started for Little Bun about a hundred and fifty years ago. It's in a pale green/blue eggshell colour and would look great with these. I hope that's the push for me to finish it, Might have to make the sleeves a bit longer as she's grown a bit in between the start and the anticipated end date.

I had a fabulous day - met some great people, ate cake, bought some goodies, made some pennies and discussed some ideas for new projects for the future. I have to admit though it was good to get home again. As I drove along the windy coast road, that I used to spend my childhood in, I thought how wonderful Norfolk is with it's complete contrasts of scenery. As I came into our part at the bottom the scenery became calm and gentle again. Then there it was home and home's best after all.


  1. 'Oh' that all sounds so heavenly!! I do love your till and the thought of playing shopkeeper - a game I use to love as a child, but with real money for you what a treat.

    Have a lovely, lovely week,

    Nina x

  2. I had hoped to make it to the fair, but in the end, had gone out to look at a garden nursery and a crafty place, and forgot all about your fair. But the photos were lovely, and I love the elephant.. could do with getting one of those for granddaughter, even though daughter in law doesn't like hand made anything at all!

    From another Nina!!

  3. The stall looks great...just my cup of tea..lovely buttons too.

  4. Didn't we have fun! Am going in search of your email address so we can meet again soon! t.x


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