Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Field of Treasures

Wednesday and best car boot all round day is here again. As usual I start off feeling a bit despondent, thinking there won't be much there today. I walk past clothes piled into mountains on the floor, garish plastic toys that have been outgrown and then I spy my first treasures.

From then on I know this will be good. Six beautiful frill edged pink utility plates. On the next stall I buy a huge icecream tub of buttons and buckles. After sorting out all the muddy colours, I'm left with this glorious selection. BUT - most exciting of all are the coloured crochet hooks. They've been in my mental shopping list for a while now and today two stalls had all of these to offer me. I have plans for teaching children to crochet as an after school club and wanted something more exciting than grey steel for them to learn with. The floral pot they are in was only 20p on another stall, so that was popped into my bag too.
A beautiful selection of linens, tablecloths and fabric from the same two stalls.
A pen and ink floral picture which is in need of a bit of tender care. I've always loved these small Observer series of books. This handy one will be great when the buns and I go for our walks with Alfie. They always ask the names of everything and I'm hopeless at knowing these kind of things. Now we'll all learn as we go.

Two small Jasmine Woods Ware jugs. Slightly chipped so they'll look perfect with some sweet peas in I think.

Now for one of my favourite finds of the day. I picked him up thinking he would be £4 at least, but he was 50p only. I don't think the man knew what treasure a Stanley dog is these days. He has sat in the middle of the other lads avoiding eye contact and just trying to blend in. They seem to be getting along fine so far.

Now I'm off to try out those new hooks as I really must finish the flowers on my garden cushion. Too many projects on the go at once means no finished works to reveal as yet.
I have also been the lucky receipient of a few awards which I really must copy over and show you so that I can properly thank the lovely bloggers who gave them to me. In the next few days I promise.


  1. Oh I do love coming to visit your blog on a wednesday! I am always hugely jealous of your finds! Those plates are lovely - a great find and ooh the buttons!! Lovely lovely lovely! XX

  2. Coloured crochet hooks - I didn't even know 'they' exsisted!! 'Oh' I am poorly educated in such matters.

    As always such lovely finds,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. Good haul! Loving the china and those scrummy hooks! See you in the morning! t.x

  4. i am so envious, gorgeous finds, i love the crochet hooks, and the plates and stanly, and it all really!oh so pretty!!
    felicity xx

  5. Lovely finds - I need some more plastic crochet hooks - I got a bit heavy handed once making a ripple blanket when I was a tad stressed out an it snapped in two! Pretty plates too!

  6. You lucky, lucky lady :)

  7. A Wednesday car boot? What a great idea! You had some fab finds - well done!


  8. What lovely finds....I can't believe you found a Stanley for 50p. And those coloured crochet hooks would definitely make ME practice more (novice!)
    Deb x

  9. What lovely finds, I have the same thoughts running through my head when I visit a boot sale, when you spot that first thing you want to buy others seem to pop up from everywhere!

    Victoria xx

  10. What amazing finds! I also collect the Utility china so am a tad jealous. And a Stanely for 50p!!

  11. Oooooh, buttons, you have found my weak spot! have a great weekend, x

  12. Oooh, I am coveting those crochet hooks. Good finds, well done you!
    Hen x


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