Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fair on the Square

I got up at the ridiculous time of 5am on Saturday and I was incredibly glad I did as I had a wonderful day in Woodbridge, Suffolk. This is the peaceful candy coloured scene on one side of the road, at 7am, as I walked down the hill towards the Shire Hall where the Fair in the Square was being held. On the other all was busyness as everyone set up their travelling shops ready for the first customers of the day.

Here's Sarah, one of the fair's organisers, caught putting out her fabulous vintage fabric lamps.

Then looking across the square to the Shire Hall shortly before the crowds (and I mean crowds - no poetic licence here today at all) arrived.


The Shire Hall from the back looked just as fantastic decked out with it's bunting and pitches being set up.

I was really pleased with my pitch. I was the first stall on the walk into the hall. You couldn't avoid me, so all had to stop and look. Luckily for me most were also tempted and I had already made my first sale shortly before we opened for business. It wasn't just about selling though. These events never are, even though that's a pretty good reason for getting up so early. It was great meeting so many new people and bouncing ideas of each other aswell as chatting a lot (which I'm getting good at as I get older). I spied one lady with a familiar looking crochet bag. I shouted out that's an Attic 24 bag isn't it before I could stop myself. The lady was pleased, but surprised as she had only just finished making it the night before. I also made contact with shopkeepers to discuss possible wholesale of some of my handmade wares and I managed to fit in a spot of shopping before the day began.

It's not easy including this picture as I'm still kicking myself very very hard. When I showed Mr Bun he asked me what I was thinking of (in not buying these cups and saucers). I was trying to be good and not spend much, how I wish I'd said to hell with it as I normally do. They are truly beautiful.

I settled on getting dinky little condiment pots for picnics,

a tablecloth covered in tulips and some more fabric. The larger one is a fabulous double sheet which will go towards making a teepee for the buns.

The picture marked with a star above and these last ones were sent to me by Richard, another one of the team of organisers. I can't take credit for such great pictures. They really show what a fantastic bustling day it was. I'd never been to Woodbridge before, just kept on going on the A12 to London, so it was a delight to find such a lively market town. How can you not want to visit somewhere that has a windmill nestled between the houses as you drive in, lots of quirky shops, cafes, bars, antique shops and water to enjoy. Make sure you don't miss the next Fair on the Square on Saturday 26th September if you're looking for a fabulous day out. I'll post more details when I have them.


  1. 'Hello'

    5am - now that's dedication!!

    I would definitely be kicking myself if I was you - those cups and saucers are fabulous though we have all been there so complete understanding. I tend to ask myself - do I need it or would I regret it if I didn't buy it? HoHum, maybe next time and I guess it wasn't meant to be. Though it looks like you had a jolly good time.

    take care,

    Nina x

  2. I'm sorry you missed out on the cups & saucers, but the Tulip tablecloth makes up for it, in my book!

    If I set my canoe out on the Atlantic, I should be able to get over there by September for the next fair! LOL!

  3. Hello!

    Oh what a smashing day!! Your stall looked terrific, sorry to say it but so did the cups and saucers, but Ive done that myself many times before now! Woodbridge is especially nice isnt it? I really like it myself!! Glad you had such a great day!

    Love Julia xxx

  4. Wow, that looked like a great day - right up my street! Em what a shame about the cups and saucers! I normally throw caution to the wind, but when I don't I always regret what I haven't purchased!

  5. Oh weren't you just blessed with the weather! It makes all the difference! Everyone gets sun drunk! Great fabrics you bought! Can't wait to see the teepee! I might move in! t.xx

  6. Oh it just looks wonderful. Would have loved to have gone, although would have wanted to buy it all!

  7. how could you let those beautiful cups go, but I think you must be kicking yourself I sure would be.The fair looked great and so did your stall.

  8. Hi Lisa
    oh the fair looked gorgeous, Ive not been in blog land for a few days so Ive just had a great time reading your posts, I love your vintage finds, there were some cups and saucers like that on ebay but they were really expensive!!
    my little china lady I got about a month ago from a charity shop for £1.25, shes missing a finger but I love her anyway!!
    take care, felicity xx

  9. Looks amazing, shame it was on a Saturday as we had our regular fair book in to do. Would have loved to have visited.. T & C xx

  10. It all looks wonderful, fab weather too!
    Rachel x


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