Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Walk through the Weekend

Alfie and I thought we would walk you through our weekend.

Friday night, after swimming, the buns picked some flowers from the garden. I've enjoyed looking at them all weekend (the bits where I actually sat down).

Saturday morning Mr Bun had to work so I finished off the cupboard. I really like it and he really likes it. So thanks for all your help in making me decide. Paint breeds more paint as now I want to paint the pale yellow chairs the same hot pink.

I then got out my drill and actually put up some of the pictures that have been propped against walls since we moved here a couple of years ago. By this time the buns had given up on entertaining themselves so dragged me off for a body art session. Now there are three Painted ladies in this house.

I've wanted a tatoo for years now - a small peacocks feather is what I'd like - just not sure where I'd put it. I'd like discreet, but not so discreet that there's no point having it. I like the idea of one on my wrist near my watch. As designed by little bun - who has now gone tattoo crazy. Sunday morning and she added a few more on her own.
Next up was to make a Banoffee Pie as inspired by Nina at Tabiboo. This is the only picture as once it was made it was so yummy we ate it all up and then remembered the picture.
Sunday morning and the car boot beckoned. I'm so glad it called me as there were tons of goodies to be found this week. Pablo the Rocking Donkey underneath a superb vintage games book.
The illustrations inside are as good as the games they describe.
A balloon pump for 10p.
Ellie eggcup. Bit chipped, but she still hasn't lost any of her charm.

A lovely little Carltonware dish for a £1.
The icing on the cake was coming across the type of pitch you dream of finding, but never actually exists. Well today it was there. Laid out on cloths on the floor and tables full of baskets were fabrics, threads, patterns, buttons and all sorts of sewing and knitting notions. I gasped with inward delight. Funnily enough that's where I bumped into a couple of friends who were in similar heaven. We all ooohhed and aaaahhhed a bit before choosing our own bounty. I chose these beautiful buckles, threads, tape measures, buttons and tin and the lady only charged me £2. How I hope she returns so I can have another rummage.

Lunch, tons of ironing and homework all done and we felt the need to be beside the sea. On the way there we passed a procession of vintage cars so the journey was all the more enjoyable. We rolled up at 4 o'clock happy as Larry (who was he I wonder). We seem to be going to places more and more when others have left so we can have it all to ourselves. Parked at the bottom of Gun Hill, raced up past the beach huts to the Gun's themselves.
These are just two of the six (?). The Buns always sit on them and then we race around for a bit. Today was scootering.
And then back down the hill in the hope that the fish and chip shop on the estuary will still be open.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  1. Hi Mrs Bun
    Sounds like you had a great weekend, lots of fun. The seaside looks lovely. Brighton beach is far too crowded! and pebbles not so comfortable on the feet!.
    Love the body art. Amber had a henna tatoo done a few weeks ago by one of the mums at her school. Its faded now but it looked good.
    Love your thrifty finds, its nice finding special bits xx Dom

  2. Wow, what a wonderful weekend and you got to the sea!

    I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my name - thank you and I'm glad you liked the pie - we always have two pieces just to make sure it's OK!!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  3. The cupboard looks fab:o)
    This is a lovely post, starting from your cute (and very shiney coated) poochie at the top and the sweet garden flowers. Through to the amazing cabinet of course.
    I still have pictures propped up all ove rthe place too.
    I love the body art.
    Your car boot finds are absolutely lovely and enviable as usual.
    The peach hut picture is gorgeous,
    Wow! a really super duper post x


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