Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rippling & Skipping

Whenever we get a three day weekend I get so excited by the extra time we get off. Since Mr Bun has had his own company he very rarely can take any time off ,so Bank holidays take that option away from him. In the old days when we both taught we had six weeks of summer bliss together. We have gone at a snails pace to enjoy the glorious weather and stolen family time together. On Friday night I started a new addiction which is fighting for it's own space over my family. It's lurking up there, waiting to be discussed. For ages I've wanted to try the ripple, but wasn't sure if I had the patience for a blanket, so should it be a cushion instead? Quick result or a lovely snuggly keepsake for little bun? I settled on the blanket and then following Vanessa's advice searched my yarn stash. I've chosen wool from different cardigans and jumpers I was going to knit for the buns, but never got round to. For eldest bun I'm knitting a granny squares blanket so more of that another post day. As I'm a late night person I realise how great this new addiction is as I have got up at seven each morning to let the dog out and then climbed back into bed with my yarn and hook to do a couple of rows before getting up properly.
I'm not sure which colour might get added next. I love the way it is slowly evolving as each new colour is added in and it is very much my own design. No copyright problems here, even though I used the pattern from Susan Cropper's Vintage Crochet. I kept losing my wave effect and so I've sort of missed stitches and added some to keep it rising and falling. So to me the flaws are all there and glaringly obvious, to the non-hooker I think they will be impressed.
Once I left my ripples alone we went for a walk to visit the ducklings again and to get an icecream at the village shop. There are five of the eight with their mother and Daisyduck. Can't wait for the Moorhens to have some little black puffballs for us to oohh and aaahh over.
Got back to do a bit more sneaky rippling before potting up some of the plants from the carboot before they gave up on me and died.
The Lily of the Valley was from a friends garden and has filled the spot where all my French lavender went last year, before the chickens came. Then the lavender disappeared rapidly. Wonder why? Now when I let the ladies out I run around covering my lily bed with netting before they get to it. The Butler sink and pot behind belong to the buns and have just sprung into life on their own this year. Last year they sowed fairy wildmeadow seeds.
On to Sunday and more rippling - how much longer will it be? I then measured how long 72" is. It's as long as me, that means ages. I work this out to be an inch for two rows of colour. That means 144 rows - I hope this enthusiasm can keep it's momentum going or it it will be a very long thin scarf instead.
As we have a ton of eggs, I baked chocolate buns and biscuits after making pancakes for breakfast. My parents visited in the afternoon and took another dozen and we still have tons left. Dippy eggs for breakfast tomorrow then I think.
The bun's have finally got skipping today. So the rest of the day was spent with my mum and I chanting rhymes and spinning an old laundry line. I used to love that part of school so much. Standing in a long queue desperate for your turn to race and jump into the rope, show your skipping skill and exit without falling flat on your face. I can still remember the exhilaration of it all. Only today did the buns tell me that the Headteacher used to do this for them in the playground at their old school. I didn't think they did these games anymore, I'm so glad they do. I thought I'd look and see if I can find any of the rhymes we used to chant too as they have left my wool filled head completely.
Tommorow if the sun keeps shining it's a day of Morris Dancers and Punch & Judy at a Country Fair. Might sneak my knitting bag in with me.
Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday break.


  1. Blankets take for ever, my first took about 6 months & the one I'm working on now has been over a year!!! They are worth it in the end. I'm hoping to try a ripple cushion cover soon. Hope the weather stays dry for you today :)

  2. Good for you, I've yet to try my hand at crochet, so have started a knitted granny blanket, but have only done 2 squares in 2 months...!! Unfortunately running a business absorbs all my time making things for everyone else, oh em.
    Sounds like you're having a great weekend so far.

  3. I have a feeling that 'ripple' is very addictive! Looks like it may become a blanket for your little bun after all.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Nina x

  4. You have fitted so much into your long weekend, the blanket looks great, wished I could crochet.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jo xx

  5. Your crochet is looking good, you've chosen some delicious colours.
    I love Daisy and her little ones *~*
    I have a ceramic sink in my garden, but it's not looking nearly as prettily planted as your, the pansies are magical!


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