Thursday, 7 May 2009

Painting like Pooter

When I was pregnant with Eldest Bun, and feeling shattered after a day on my swollen feet at work, Mr Bun read a short story to me each night. It was George and Weedon Grosssmith's Diary of a Nobody. Written in the C19th, it is Mr Pooter's first person narrative about his life. He is a clerk, living in a modest house, lower middle class, married to Carrie (who clearly thinks she's married an idiot) and has a son called Lupin of all things. It is absolutely hilarious and not dated at all. Poor Mr Pooter endlessly tries to keep up with all the latest rages and keep his wife happy, but always ends up in another disaster.

Our favourite tale is when he discovers red enamel paint. He's so excited by this new thing that he paints literally everything in sight, including the bath. It all ends with him bright red after his bath of molten enamel paint.
'April 27 "Painted the bath red, and was delighted with the result. Sorry to say Carrie was not, in fact we had a few words about it. She said I ought to have consulted her, and had never heard of such a thing as a bath being painted red. I replied: 'It's merely a matter of taste.' "

Well to get to the point of this post - I have the same problem as Mr Pooter and Mr Bun doesn't always understand it. I like painting everything too. In the kitchen is a victorian pine dresser which was lovingly stripped of it's paint by friends before giving it to us. I find it very hard to keep my paint itchy fingers away from it, but Mr Bun likes it and I guess he does live here too.

Then there is this sideboard, which was my aunts. It wouldn't be fitting for a 30's sideboard to be painted palest blue or cream would it?

Today though I couldn't restrain myself. After seeing Vanessa's cupboard painted pink inside I felt inspired to copy her. I had a pot of bright pink wallpaint never used that I had bought to paint the buns rooms and it was still there waiting to be used.

I've only done the one shelf so far while I decide - after all it takes about 70 coats of white to recover the dark paint and only one to add a bright pink zing.


  1. I like it - alot! I think you should keep going.

    I'm going to have to look out for that book from the description you gave it - it sounds hilarious.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. I agree with Nina
    Continue with the pink
    I like pink
    and I love Vanessa's cupboard.
    The book really does sound just my cup of tea. Is it one that's still available?
    Have a rosy day xx


  4. I was thinking of you when I put up my little Bun cottage on my post today.
    Wishing you a lovely (hopefully sunny) weekend.

  5. I'm with you on the painting wood. I have just "acquired" a bow fronted display cabinet which I have painted with Farrow & Ball and lined in Laura Ashley wallpaper.

    Go with the pink I say!

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog !
    I have trouble not painting furniture too a case of it would look great with a quick lick of paint dear !!!

    I have a similar sideboard to the 30's one , its a new to us find just waiting for a polish !!

    Sara x

  7. Hi there, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind but I've added it to my blogroll.
    Take Care
    Love Melanie xxxx

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  9. I dream of painting things to but unfortunately I am too lazy and cowardly to try most of the time.

    i love the pink inside and I think that sideboard would look lovely painted cream or blue.

    Have you ever listened to Mr Pooter on Radio 4. Really funny!

  10. OOh ... I know what you mean about painting brown furniture.
    I inherited a few bits of good oak furniture from my grandmother's home and I have fantasised many times about painting them .. but just can't bring myself to do it.. YET!!
    My other grandmother had a side-board identical to yours!
    Must try and find that book sounds just like my kind of read.
    Michele x

  11. Looks great, love all your finds.

  12. My husband rolls his eyes when I buy something new, he knows instantly that he is going to have to sand it down so I can paint it! I am painting three things at the moment.

  13. Luv a bit of painted myself, i have gone off wood especially if it is any shade of orange! hate it.
    Love the pink, and get on and paint that sideboard next, I really think it will look so much nicer in a pale colour..calming as I say, everytime I paint something to my other half's horror.


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