Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Half way through ...

On Friday I set up my pitch for the week in Southwold. Less on it than normal as trying to spread my wares over two more fairs in the next couple of weeks. The weekend heat seems a lifetime away.

BBBrrrrr - I now have a winter cardigan on and the heating has had a quick blast to take the chill off my shaky legs. On Sunday, like the rest of the you it seems, we were basking in this lovely sparkling blue sky day. Knowing it might be our one and only hot day for a while, we raced to the coast by nine to get there before everyone else.

We chose a fabulous beach at Walberswick, just over the estuary from Southwold (which is behind me in this shot). At the furthest end of the headland is Sizewell B. Hard to make out the big white dome today.

We paddled, collected stones and shells and then rushed back to lay in the dunes and eat our elevenses of apples, jam sandwiches and tons of cake. Amazingly when Mr Bun and I lay back to enjoy the heat of the sun, both buns lay back onto our tummies too. For well over half an hour they lay still chatting to us. No demands for rushing around or moving on. I can't remember the last time we just laid still on a beach. Perhaps seven and eight years ago.

By midday, we were ready for a walk into the village as I had spotted an antiques fair sign. This is the fantastic view with the dunes behind us. Just out of shot are all the little bridges where people collect to go crabbing.

There were lots of other fabulous sights to show you, but I was munching on an icecream and too caught up in the moment to remember. Sorry.
Inside the antiques fair it was mostly brown furniture and pictures, but I did find this beautiful tablecloth and fabulous embroidered cushion cover.

Well we are already half way through half term and my head is spinning trying to strike a balance between being with the buns, working and not being too shouty. The first real day was yesterday and as it rained and rained the big plan was cancelled. So four adults and ten kids hit the delights of Sea Life, followed by icecreams and hot doughnuts under umbrellas.

Today has been catch up day for me. Parcels of orders quickly wrapped and dropped off at our local post office on the way to the Car Boot. The buns bought some more Whimsy's so they were happy, but it was slim pickings for me today. Just a few glasses and a couple of dishes which are all being Miltoned at the moment. Then a race to meet a cafe owner in Norwich to discuss my crochet workshops with. I sold her my idea with the offer to order a cake each week for the group as an incentive. Luckily she thought it was a great idea and would fit the atmosphere very well. Phheeww. Bundled the buns back in the car with a feeling of excitement. As we drove round the next corner it hit me that I now needed to get people on board. Bit further down the road and I was wondering if anyone will come and if they do will they enjoy it. Oh the roller coaster of delight and self-doubt, what a ride.

I'm a qualified FE lecturer and have taught knitting for fun before, but I'm still nervous about this next challenge I've set myself. Anyway got back home and have sent off copy for three publications and already put some posters up. Just wait for that phone to ring now. Just hope it's not in the middle of Hanna Montana tommorow as eldest bun will not be happy with me.

Hope you're all having a great week whatever you're doing. Me - I'm now off to join some more of these squares together if peace prevails.


  1. Oh the coast looks beautiful x and love the vintage fabrics x

  2. The coast you headed to looks lovely and how wonderful to relax and chat - I have a feeling I'm quite a few years away from that with my lot!!

    I'm sure the crochet, coffee and cake will be fine - you just need to believe in yourself which I know you do anyway.

    Have a lovely evening and take care,

    Nina x

  3. I'd definately be up for the crochet workshop if I was nearer! I'm really struggling with crochet at the moment. My fingers just don't seem to be playing ball!
    Love the coast photo's. It's lovely being in this country when the sun's out!

  4. Do you think you are doing quite enough with your life dear? How on earth do you juggle all this!!!!????


    those scissors are wonderful!

  5. Good look with the crochet classes. I've had a couple of enquiries recently from people in my village wanting to learn so I'm considering something similar when my daughter starts playgroup.
    I love your tablecloth - very pretty.
    Your stall looks lovely. My first fair is in a fortnight (so excited!) but I have trouble trying to be disciplined and not keep all my stock for myself!!

  6. ooops: look = luck
    I don't know about crochet classes I should get back to the classroom myself

  7. Kia Ora Mrs Bun, thanks so much for your visit, it was lovely to see you!
    I'm sure you'll have heaps of people attend your class (I would if I were a little closer) and even if no one shows just think, you'll have a whole cake all to yourself. x

  8. Hello
    I have just discovered your lovely blog and will be following it. Beautiful colour scheme!
    Must visit your stall soon, it looks full of things that I like.
    Isabelle x

  9. Hello, I'm here for a visit for the first time and what a lovely find ! Looking forward to following, and if you have time, pop over to mine for a visit - norfolk's beaches have been quite an inspiration for some of my most recent work !

  10. Love your crochet square! So exciting to see you've caught the crochet bug!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind i knit)


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