Friday, 15 May 2009

Floral Friday

Due to a severe shortage of funds for extras these days, I only ever buy flowers when they are heavily reduced or by the roadside (luckily a lady in our village will soon put out bunches of sweetpeas and cornflowers to buy). This isn't an easy thing to go without as I absolutely love flowers - from the colours you can mix, the memories they evoke to their scent. Now, suddenly there seem to be flowers all over the Bun household.

After lunch yesterday mum took me to the market where I chose freesias, stocks, irises and tulips. The freesias smell heavenly, so I've put a small posy in these bottles I got from the car boot to go into the buns bedrooms.

One of the many floral pictures around the house is echoing the colours of the iris and tulips.

I put some more freesias here to scent the kitchen - handy as the bin and dogs food bowl is just below. No more nasty niffs for a while.

Getting back after school we took Alfie for a long walk over the fields as he had been on his own all day. Little Bun picked these as a present for daddy. Eldest bun held Buttercups under our chins to see if we liked butter. Guess what - we do. Very yellow necks in our family.

Next up is a handmade posy made for me for Mother's Day. I keep the china floral brooches there as they are now quite chipped. I didn't realise I'd laid them on a tea towel and so they went flying across the room one day. Now they just sit there looking pretty in front of the buns tissue paper flowers.

Finally are the flowers I'd bought for myself earlier in the week. Ironically I would always avoid carnations - they are old lady flowers in my opinion. Funny how shortages can make you appreciate things anew. Being bought flowers yesterday was really the biggest treat ever. Followed later by the buns and I devouring quite a lot of maltesers after our walk. Not floral, but just as lovely.


  1. Such lovely flowers and I agree the more the merrier!

    Like you I only buy flowers these days when they are reduced or I can pick them - thankfully the garden is abundant at this time of year, but that's all thanks to the previous owners.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  2. I know what you mean - flowers are so cheery but most of the time I can't really justify them. Looking at yours I might pop into the garden to see what I can pick!

  3. I only have some budding chives - they'll do!!! I think flowers are a must, even if they are dandilions and daisies from my girls.


  4. Carnations are just such good value though and they last an age!
    Love flowers but as you say they are a luxury at the moment!

  5. Your flowers are heavenly! Im like you in that I love having them in the house but can't always run to the expense - I recently picked up a fat bunch of pink carnations and they are now opening and look very pretty (funny how they have an old lady tag, but yes, they do!! I wonder why that is??? giggle :)

    Julia xxx

  6. Lovely flowers, I just adore flowers around the home. xxx

  7. Oh yes - I've succumbed to carnations too - they were reduced down (and for £1 are still going strong after a week).
    Your second piccy down is fabulous with the iris and tulips 'reflected' in the floral picture behind.
    A lovely post!!

  8. What beautiful stocks. I'm the same with flowers, I love them but can't really justify the expense of buying them for myself.
    So last year I acquired an allotment (after 3 1/2 year wait!) and am determined to grow my own. Everyone keeps urging me to grow veg, but I'm keener on flowers - larkspur, marigolds, foxgloves, nasturtians (can't spell that word!) and lupins all at various stages so far. Much more appealing than a row of spuds as far as I'm concerned.
    Lovely blog.
    Best wishes Valerie

  9. Oh what lovely blooms! Stocks are my favourite, had them for my wedding boquet and I'm planning to plant some up in an old tub today as our 7 year anniversary approaches (blimey!)

    They can be so expensive can't they though, and a bit worrying when you hear about how the farmers and pickers can be exploited overseas. I've taken to picking little posies from my garden instead. Guilt free on all accounts! Look forward to seeing your local bought sweet peas soon.


  10. Hi Lisa
    Thankyou for leaving a comment. I will take a trip to Southwold it's another favourite spot for me.I did see the flyer on Kitschen Pink for the vintage Fair on the 7th, looking forward to visiting that one too.
    Off to read your blog now



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