Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Fair, Colours, Black & White and Things

We had a fantastic time at the Country Fair yesterday. As usual I enjoyed what we were doing so much and only remembered to take the odd picture. This is the front of the hall and how I imagine it would have looked with visitors for a 30's house party having just arrived. Turning round and a view from the terrace, past the Punch & Judy show and across the Ha Ha.

While we were waiting for naughty Mr Punch we queued up for icecream from this great vintage van. Pity I couldn't edit out the lovely shot of the rubbish.

The Buns had a much needed run around the grounds with their friends after watching a bit of wooden violence. I had a catch up on news with my friend before a bit of craft stall browsing. I bought these square Greengate tins (off another friends stall) and some turkish delight. Sadly we got there too late for the Morris Dancers.

Today, despite the rain, and the general greyness, there were a lot of colours. Colours of the day - A fabulous Purple cardigan from Topshop.

I love the detail on the shoulder, so I treated myself.

A Mustard top I was wearing today. I love adding a print top under a cardigan as every day is a jeans day for me so need some variation. Something floral always finds its way on there too.

A new and literally very Green book that caught my eye. It has some great ideas, information and designs inside. I've wanted to work these colours together into something crochety for a while now so I picked them up too.

One of the ideas inside are these Hot Pink slippers made from recycled jumpers.

Which have most definately been inspired by little Bun's slippers. I know I'll keep these slippers forever as everytime I see her wearing them they make me feel very happy indeed.

After buying school summer dresses today I had a look in Oxfam and I found a few more things. A vintage Patons knitting and crochet magazine which has some wonderful designs in ranging from the hideous to the whimsical.

Next time Mr Bun needs to fight with a branch he would be glad of a pair of these.

I liked this as it's pretty much a design of the moment as a doorstop, not that I think I'll ever bother making one.

But I could be tempted by this variation on the round cushion with its frilly bits.

Then there was this small sewing box, a sugar bowl with a hanging spoon and these floral plates. Some weeks there is nothing and others real finds, it's part of the pleasure of the hunt.

Further down the road and I discovered an old store which is now used by antique dealers to rent their individual space. In the front was the most beautiful deco dressing table. Something I would love to have if we had a bedroom that had space for more than just a bed and what else - oh yes tons of cash to buy things when I fancy them. I think I prefer the dreaming anyway. I spent a lovely half an hour in there (browsing as I'd spent all my money in Oxfam). I will definately go back. Today I had no money and two lovely girls to get from school so off I went.

Later on back home, I was searching for something or other and I re-found this box of bits and things. That childhood feeling of the pleasure of searching through known things that haven't been seen for a while was just the same.

Inside was a little handmade felted floral box that has embroidery threads for stockings in it. I bought it from Louise Loves ages ago. Next to that one a little pig purse donated by the buns to hold buttons.

Some buttons that I covered in vintage embroidered cloths alongside sparkly threads.

And lastly - just what I was looking for. Toadstools.


  1. What an exciting array of treasures! I love the cardigan from Top Shop, it's right up my street - might have to take a look.....!

  2. I used to love Punch and Judy but I am surprised in this day and age with all the do gooders around that someone hasn't tried banning him for being to violent 'hehe'!
    What a lovely little treasure box!
    Beki xxx

  3. Loving all those finds, especially the forgotten case!
    Also loving that top, I think I looked at the very same top (is it Gap?) and couldn't decide on the colour, you've made me see it in a totally different light, I love the way you're wearing it, uh-oh, feel another little trip to town on it's way!
    Julia xx

  4. You have really spoilt me with this post.
    So many wonderful! wondreful! things :o)
    I am in my element

  5. Hey dark twin. I have that mustard yellow dress/top from Gap. I wear it over jeans with my cardi. I think I need that Top Shop one though, it's gorgeous! Nice to know we have interchangeable wardrobes ;-)


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