Monday, 18 May 2009

Cosy is another word for Sunday

While the humans in the house played Polly Pocket - Alfie and Molly decided not to be too busy today.

Molly's a tiny cat - not sitting in a huge Dolls House. Alfie did manage to drag himself out on to the landing later. Well done Mr Blue. Pip meanwhile was out and about being a busy day cat.
Before starting our really cosy part of Sunday we took the Buns up to the old US airfield in our village. I must remember to take a picture of the control tower which has been done up and now is open on some Sundays. There is some really interesting memorabilia and photographs of the short time it was an airbase. WWII fascinates me so having this bit of history on our doorstep makes it all the more real. Anyway I'm wandering off the point - the reason we went there when it was shut was to do a spot of bike riding and as luck would have it there were tons of fairy rings there, so we did a spot of wishing too.

Now for the really cosy part. Feeling really very cold it was perfect to come home to a trayful of these and a snuggle up with a game of Happy Families bought at the village Jumble Sale on Saturday.


  1. I giggled tremendously when I saw your ginger tom in the dolls house - he looks like a really charmer!!

    Have a lovely week,

    take care,

    Nina x

  2. I used to love playing Happy Families and as for your cake, it looks really yummy.

  3. That day sounds idyllic - I giggled too when I saw your lovely kitty!


  4. Lovely photo, cats are so funny. The cake looks yummy :)

  5. Look at the cat in the dolls house! Are they not just mad these cats..

  6. My daughter bought out Polly Pocket yesterday too!

    It's the only thing other than crafting that keeps her occupied for hours.

    Looking at the cake had inspired me to bake tomorrow, so unknowingly my family say 'Thank You' to you!

    Vanessa x

  7. Don't you just love cat antics? I have four, myself. Yesterday, one was sitting on the deck in a medium-sized flower pot - barely fit all four paws in it. Wish I had my camera ready!

  8. Oh! Soooo sweet! That's the sweetest thing I've seen for a while, just wonderful! Cats know exactly how to look incredibly cosy, don't they!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  9. I had a Sindy house when I was a child, it was 3 stories high, and on the 3rd florr, was the bedroom, and our cat always used to jump up into the 3rd floor, and curl up in Sindy's bed and fall asleep in there! How cute, also, I had a twin hooded sliver cross dolls pram, adn she used to love to snuggle up in there too!

  10. That puss made me giggle. Enjoy your week.

  11. Oh happy families - that brings back memories of wet school days adn having to play in teh hall!

    I'm a bit fascinated with WWII too - just read a wonderful novel about a Spitfire pilot, 2The Burning Blue" by James Holland and have fallen head over heels for the hero! I'd love to visit an airfield one day.

    Have a lovely week.

  12. The perfick Sunday honey.
    Molly the cat looks right at home in the dolls house lol
    Those cakes and smarty's look yummy and eating while playing Happy families sounds just the best to end the day.
    Hows the swap making going, I'm so crap lol sorry sweet lady. How long do we have to do it hehe!
    Right it's off to bed for me, I've been up the allotment digging and i flaming knackered lol
    Catherine x

  13. Hi, found you via mollycupcakes. We seem to like similar stuff (you for your stalls and home and me for my shop and home) so I've become a follower. Lovely blog:)


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