Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Our April Fool

Exactly two years ago today Mr Bun and eldest bun went on a five hour round trip to collect our beautiful boy Alfie Blue. We had moved house six days before, some rooms were filled with boxes, little bun had just had her birthday so it seemed the perfect time to get a dog really. I just happened to be looking in the Free ads when I read about Alfie (he had another name then). We knew we wanted a Pug as they are the friendliest, funniest and most loving dogs we had come across. The fact that the ad said he sucked his tongue meant I knew he was the one for us. He was seven months old then and had a very ill owner who needed to rehome him quickly. We wanted a rescue dog, but also a breed we knew we could trust with the buns and the other animals. He is a little star, the cats sleep with him and he washes himself like they do. His eating habits make them look at him in disgust, but then you can't have everything.

He is desperate for the ladies to pay attention to him.

He looks to me to sort out the problem for him. I tell him they've seen the door is open and they want to come in. Be brave Alfie and stop them for me.

Oh - didn't I mention Pugs are notoriously stubborn. Or maybe he's having a think about it all.

First thing today, before I got home to play with our April Fool boy, I went to the car boot. Booty was good today, the sun shone and I bumped into a few friends. So here's some of my goodies, some for the stall next week and some for us. The pullalong men are just gorgeous, I don't think that will be allowed to leave somehow. I'm also keeping the jug and Carltonware sugar bowl. The lid is repaired anyway so it must stay.

Another one for us as we've just started having our milk delivered. Now I can communicate at the swish of a tail.

Two of the eight fantastic books I bought.

Inside - I think Cowboys have far more fun than mummies. Being heroes and then a sing song, not a bad way to spend your day.

Some gorgeous, but very musty rose coasters to sell.

I'm in two minds about these as they are so so so lovely. I won't take much persuading.

Two lovely jugs for sale once they've had a good old dash of Milton. The cough tin is for Mr Bun who is Golly mad.

There he is going to bed with Teddy and black cat. Next week I'll be dragging two buns with me so who knows what we'll bring back.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine and only had some pleasant tricks played on you.

Later on - I forgot to say a big thank you to Beki who gave me an I Love Your Blog award. After the next mad few days are over I'll work out how to copy it over and award to some of my favourite blogs. No electricity tommorow as a neighbour is having a tree cut down. so apart from school Easter church service I should be busy making as this distraction will not be here.


  1. The books look fab, some great buys there!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Some great bargain hunting there!!

    What April Fools did you get up to?

    Nina x

  3. I have fallen in love with Alfie Blue. He is adorable so cute
    Love your bootsale finds well done you xxxxx

  4. Great goodies...... Alfie is so lovely, I would love a day when I'm not at work all day :) x

  5. Oh your do is such a sweetheart, I do love his pink tongue!

    Fabulous bargains. We had one of those pull along toys - gosh memories flooding back!

    But the cow milk sign has to be my favourite. Just fantastic - bet it makes your milkman smile. Enjoy the Easter service. Have to miss ours this year due to work, feeling a bit sad, it's so lovely.
    Take care


  6. I've wanted a dog for years and always planned to call him Alfie! Unfortunatly we dond't have a garden adn travelling to the UK woudl be difficult too, so I have to do without.

  7. What a shame you missed out on the swap.
    After seeing some of your lovely makes i'd love to be your swap partner. I think you'd put me to shame though lol!
    Have a great weekend.
    Beki xxx

  8. What a cute puppy! Great finds too.


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