Thursday, 23 April 2009

Looking for Inspiration

The Buns are back at school, the sun's shining and everything is coming into bloom. Me, however, I seem to be at a standstill. I have dates booked that need goodies made for them and lots of ideas that I should be working on, not to mention the garden and finishing decorating rooms half done. I can't work out what's going on as I'm happy and I have the time to get on now I'm not running a holiday camp. I think I need a stern word with myself. The only reason I can think of is that having too much to do is overwhelming me and I don't know where to start.

Yesterday was car boot morning. A fantastic idea this one as it's on a Wednesday morning so I get there a couple of hours after it's started, once I've dropped the buns at school. I always get a bit annoyed with Sunday morning ones as I'm not an early riser. So if I've made the effort to get up and then come away with nothing I feel a bit cheated. I got some fantastic things again this week . My favourite is this bright yellow edged washbowl.

The minute I saw it I could picture purple flowers in it. Wandering along another few aisles and there was a lovely man, a proper elderly gardener who had brought his plants to sell. I bought some sweet peas, a couple of trailing ivy geraniums and then these three unknown names plants. All I do know is they are yellow, purple and white and look wonderful.

This pale yellow lemon squeezer is for selling on once it's had a good clean up. This is the hard part as I really like it, but I have to remind myself that one of the reasons I do this is to find just the right pieces to stock my stall.

Stanley dog is definately for us. He has a smaller friend in my glass cabinet who needs some company.

This plate, however, is a tricky one. I absolutely love it, so do the family Bun, but I paid very little for it and I know it will sell easily. This is where I'm not good at being a strict business person. Laying over the plate are some zingy bright red knitting needles. I need to restock these as tied up with ribbon and sized they go like hot needles.

I picked this picture up from one of the house clearance men. It's funny the groups that there are the car boot, there are the dealers who I will only buy from if it's for me and I really like something; then there are the house clearance people. Some won't do a deal others charge peanuts. The man I bought the floral print from is a true eccentric and has boxloads of peoples lives laid out around him. For the picture and a glass dish he charged me the grand sum of 40p. I'll need to clean it up and re-frame it to bring out its real beauty.

This metal tray is for little bun who adores owls. She writes to her fairy Flora asking for her own Barn Owl and has had no luck yet. We see the same one most mornings by a field on the edge of our village and so he has been named Barney suprisingly.

After car boot heaven yesterday I still fiffed and faffed. I have cleared out cupboards and ironed and ironed. I have told myself tommorow is the day - no excuses, I will get back to work. I did get inspiration from my scrumptious new cookery book today though.

There are so many mouthwatering delights. These marshmallow topped buns are a must for the weekend I think.

I chose, suprisingly amongst all the colourful and sweetly rich choices, Oat and Raisin biscuits. I just knew the Buns would love them when they got back from school and the other reason was they were quicker to make. The recipe suggested putting everything in a mixer. Although I don't have one, I don't think I would use it anyway. I really like the process of mixing by hand and feeling the different consistency of the mix as it changes with each new ingredient. When I'm cooking with the buns it seems strange how there are different ways of mixing depending on the cake you are making. When I was small my mum used to cook with me in what she called Blue Peter style. She would measure all the ingredients out into different dishes and then she would tip it all in as if she was doing a demonstration just like Lesley Judd, all for me. So when I saw this Borwicks Baking Powder it took me straight back to those childhood days so I bought it for my cooking today.

This is the end product of all my waffle. They worked their magic as the house smelt all cinamony and delicious as we walked in from school. The Buns asked if they could have them in their lunch boxes tommorow so I guess they like them. Just as well as I made quite a few.

After tea Little Bun and I made smoothies with my new cheapie blender. It was just me and her as she didn't want to go to Brownies. Every night this week has been a social event for her, so she is exhausted. As I'm not one for measuring, more a chuck it in and see kind of girl, I couldn't believe how delicious they were. Little Bun loved throwing all the fruit in and then set to work choosing just the right straws for us. Definately be making more of these as they were so easy. Eldest Bun wants a go next and as she doesn't really like fruit there might be all the more for me to drink.


  1. The cookies look rather yummy!
    I really must get myself a copy of this book, it looks so nice.
    Tell little Bun I like her tray, owl seem to be my 'thing' at the moment and yet I have a real phobia of birds. I think all birds are so pretty to look at and I got very tearful today when my friends cat bought in a dead one but if they get to close I really panic.
    I'm sure you'll get organised soon, i'm pretty much the same at the moment, I never seem to stop but at the same time I never seem to achieve anything.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. A wednesday carboot sale sounds great!! you got some great bits. x

  3. Juggling too many things can be overwhelming at times which is why I have a to do list book and each evening write down what has to be done and what I want to get done for the following day.
    Great purchases, I'm quite envious of everyone's boot sale buys at the moment - I must get out there!

  4. Mmmmmm, those cakes look good!

    I have to give myself a stong talking too most mornings, it's easy to get stuck in a rut, but then sometimes laid back is just as good - what's the hurry unless your on a deadline!

    Lovely pictures I'd keep the little plate,

    Have a great weekend,

    take care,

    Nina x

  5. So many great finds! And that book looks amazing. Mmm, cupcakes... :)

  6. Oh I adore the painting, what a find! I'm always on the look out for pictures like that but never turn any up. The lemon squeezer is a beauty too.

    Good to get the plants in isnt it, summer's not far off at all.

    Have a lovley weekend.

  7. I too would keep the little plate - it's far too lovely to part with. The cookies made me hungry - lucky Bun family!

  8. Lisa,
    What a truly scrumpous post honey, i'm loving all your car boot finds and drooling over the yummy cookies and smoothies.

    Oh how I'd love to have a Stanley dog, I've looked and looked, even today at a fair no luck. I did see soem very cute sit and push along ones. But i don't think Mr Cupcakes would understand why i wanted to get one of them :( boo hoo lol
    Oh well, I'll find one.

    I hope your mo jo's back soon sweetie, i know what you mean about sometimes feeling over welmed. But just grab theull by the horns (has my Mum says and just get it done!) lol
    then put your feet up and have some chocolate and wine, as a reward.

    Enjoy the week.
    Much love,

    Catherine x

  9. Hello Lisa, a car boot sale on a Wednesday, what a fantastic idea. You've got some great finds. I was eyeing up the cake book the other day too. You have tempted me.
    As far as not knowing where to start goes. I know exactly how you feel. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to do everything.
    Take care Bertie x

  10. I loved reading that, the owl tray is very sweet.I am going to look and read some more now and add you to my list too x


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