Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I've Found It.

Lately I keep forgetting to take my camera with me. Lovely things happen in front of us and then I realise I don't have a camera to record it. This does mean I actually pay attention to what's going on though rather than worrying about taking a half decent picture. Tonight after school we walked up to the village pond to see the new baby ducks and to feed them all. Their mother let all eight of them jump on the bank in front of the Buns. Both of them crouched down and quietly watched them. I wish I had remembered my camera.
At the weekend, squashed between two parties (kids not adults), I managed to have a quick dash around the Norwich Bead & Textile Fair with little Bun. One lady was sitting with two amazing vintage bears to advertise a Vintage Fashion and Textiles Fair. The theme is Children's Hour and so she had added her elderly, muich loved bear to the stand. I wished I had my camera then as well. She spoke so fondly about her bear and showed me his new suit that she had made for him as his other had worn out. Moving on I bought a metre of this fabulous Kaffe Fassett fabric and now I wish I'd bought more. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it at the time, just that I wanted it, now I want to make a skirt out of it. Might have to go up to their shop and search out some more.

I also added to my huge felt stash and got some felted wool too. Before leaving we made sure we had one of the delicious brownies on sale before going to help Mr Bun with an exhibition he was taking down.
Yesterday I made up this pincushion with the new felt and have started cutting out hearts from some of the other felt to make some more brooches with.

Since my last post about trying to find where inspiration is hiding, I've decided to go and track it down myself. So I've taken action. I got out my sketchbooks and notebooks and started drawing and writing down some patterns. I'll definately have to embroider this little bird with her brolly. She just happened and I'm glad she did as I like her a lot.

Then I worked on some ideas for more children's bags.

After that a bit of general doodling that might become something or it might just be something happy to look at.

This is from an older sketch book when I was working on designs for my business cards. In the end Mr Bun, who is much better at drawing than me, did them. They are a lovely 1930's green with a small Bobo bunny holding a ladybirds hand. I must scan them in to show you.

Finally some of my writing books. I used to teach knitting and crochet at home, but now I want to branch out and approach a few cafe's and the like to see if I could hold classes there. So I've been working on a few designs to show as samples of styles. I've designed a crochet pattern for a cushion using almond stitch as I love the picture of one on the back of Vintage Crochet. Got to design some posters and flyers too before I can get going.

I've also signed up for two one day courses. One How to Design Your Own Website and the other about Selling Online. That's me had a full shake up - told myself to stop faffing and to make the leap. In the background I've been trying to set up a folksy and etsy shop for a while now, but I just can't get my banner to be larger than a pinprick. As I'm a perfectionist this irritates me as I want it to look exactly how it is in my head. If anyone knows how to sort this stuff out I'd be really grateful for any help.

Oh and back to the beginning of this post. While I was out signing up for this course I felt compelled to buy this gorgeous toadstool. I've decided carboot funds can go in there and it's nicely full for tommorow already. Fingers crossed for a dry morning and lots of splendid booty finds.

Hope you're all having a good week so far.


  1. I love this post - the mushrooms the birds and rag doll aaahhhhh, everything I love and then some!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. I like the fabric and would make a cute skirt! Very cute sketches too.

  3. I really, really, really, really LOVE your doodles.
    Such a beautiful, sweet, colourful and talent filled post, very happy I visited today :o)

  4. p.s. I love your guinea pigs names
    We have three boys called Honey, Hazel and Peaches

  5. Hi Hunni

    First of all, thank you so much for thinking of my little man. Looks like a trip to Sainsbutys is needed. I expect to hear much moaning from my OH ('hehe') as we don't have a local one, such a shame as I love the shop.
    Your pincushion is lovely, you're so clever and your sketches are way too cute. I'd have them in frames on the wall!
    Take care
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  6. I love the photo of the gnome and the toadstool and also the little china chef who looks like he has two enormous boobs! Your sketches are lovely, as are your felt creations.

  7. That fabric would make a lovely skirt, at the moment I seem to be enjoying making clothes more than other crafty items. I fancy having a go at the skirt pattern that was in Sew Hip, the A line one with pockets.

    Jo xx


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