Thursday, 30 April 2009

Doing it all at once

As usual I'm sat here trying to squeeze as much out of the child free bit of the day as possible. While my pictures are uploading I'm embroidering something (ssshhh - it's for Mollycupcakes my swap partner in Silkie Sue's Swap) and rubbing the dogs tummy with my foot. My brain is racing with the next lot of things to be done. I was never this good at time management before I had children, nor was I as happy. The phone could go at any moment so I'd better type quickly. We were up at 6am to take Mr Bun to hospital to have a metal pin removed from his foot. It's been in there for a whole year since he broke his foot playing football last year (at the start of the summer holidays - I ask you). I hope I can be a nice caring nurse today as I'm not great at it. More of a chuck a drink in and ask if you're ok every hour or so type of one.
Yesterday was another good car boot experience. I either have a bit more stock for my stall in half term or we have a lot more lovely things to keep? Which will it be I wonder.

This is for us as it's far too cute to give away.

A beautiful handpainted 1930's dish - I'm unsure at the moment.

Definately mine, mine mine. Even the man selling it to me said he wished the world was still like this. He looked at me a bit strangely when I said it was in my head. Oh dear - he probably thinks I'm a nutter now.

A beautiful and very well used 1930's plaster platter. I especially like the clouds and birds which are so evocative of still summer days for me. Mr Bun wants to keep the china teacup. He held it for a while to stop it going back in the box. It's hopeless around here. I shouldn't let my family see any of my finds.
These three rose plates are really delightful, but we do have plenty so off they go. The teacup was on it's own, but it will be great to keep jewels in or even soap.
I bought the mini fisherman gnome to keep Bertie company.
And finally to show you the Bun's are as bad. I bought this gorgeous little wicker pram months ago for a £1. I thought, with my business head put on, that lined and with bedding that it will sell easily. Little Bun spied it in the shed and within minutes had piled quite a few of her cuddly friends in it. Not so easy to be a mean mummy after that and take it off her. So yesterday afternoon I lined it with some of CK's fabric I had bought to make a patchwork quilt with and now she loves it even more than before. Now off to do the next things on my list before I do the hospital and school run.
As usual with blogger it looks fine on my post, but is all squished up when I post it to my blog. The perfectionist in me doesn't like this.


  1. Wished I could get as much done in a day as you! Your car booty finds are great, I love the cup and saucers.

    Jo xx

  2. I know what you mean about squashing everything into the 'child free' bit! My little Tabi has just started dropping her daytime nap and she's only 17 months - I thought I could keep her going until at least she was two!!

    Lovely finds though I'd keep the lot!

    Have a lovely day,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. i went to 3 car boots over the weekend and practically got nada,i hope im as lucky at the next one!
    such pretty finds

  4. Lovely find for sure :) I have the same problem with posting on blogger. Very frustrating isn't it?

  5. I love your finds!! Such a good idea to keep jewelery in the cup - nicking that idea right away. If you go to my blog today, I have the SAME tea cup in pink!!! thanks for such a lovely blog. xx

  6. I love the blue and yellow flower plate, keep it, keep it, or if not, i'd take it off your hands ;)

    Your comment about the man made me laugh. I often say things like that and people just don't get me!! Glad to hear theres another nutter about!!! :)

  7. Owww what is it your making?
    I'm so excited now and really crap, sorry hun. I'm no where near finishing yours.
    I'll email you and tell tomorrow.

    Loving the boot fair finds. That platter and yellow cup and saucer is gorgeous.
    And how cute is the pram, i want one for my bunnies lol

    Hope Mr Bun is all tucked up in bed and had his night nurse visit lol oh god sorry hun that sounds so rude hehe!
    Get well Mr Bun.


    Catherine x

  8. Your daughter's cuddly friends have very good taste.
    I like your finds and love the birdie in the top picture x

  9. I do love your posts, they really make me smile, and today I love all your treasures - especially the teacup! I absolutely know too about 'squishing everything into the child free hours', I get about 2 per day at the mo while my tot naps but oh they are the tastiest, most divine morsels of time!

    Happy bank holiday to you, sending sunshine and love

    Julia xxx

  10. Doing those crochet patterns on my blog has been so time consuming, I've not been keeping up with all my favourite blogs, and it looks like I've been really missing out on some great thrifting finds on your lovely blog! Still, I've caught up now! What a wonderful time you've been having, and thanks for sharing it all with us. You've bought some fabulous things, I love the carlton ware dish especially.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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