Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Springy things

As usual my head has been bursting with ideas of things to make. Things I want to make for the buns, things to sell at the Easter market in Southwold, things just for the joy of making things and finally to have something to put on my as yet empty folksy shelves. Life always seems to have other plans and so I seem to live in a permanent limbo of WIP's. I think I will have to settle for what I have achieved and stop worrying about the list in my head of all I haven't yet done. The problem of being a perfectionist is that you drive yourself nuts and probably everyone else too?

I absolutely love applique work with felt. The choice of colours are so intense and as there are no fraying edges to worry about it satisfies my love of quick results. Did I also say I was very impatient. In my workbox there are a pile of these egg cosies to be finished off and little chicks in various stages of life. These chicks are so very cute, I found them in Nicki Trench's Super Cute Crochet. I actually want to make eveything in there as each page you turn emits another ooohhh - aaaahhhh and a bunlike can we have one of those. I always agree. Drat now my list is even longer. This lovely sugar mouse is from the same book. I made another in green, but he has weight issues and so he kept rolling over.
I also love making little Yo Yo brooches. They're a good way of using up scraps of fabric. I always add vintage buttons. The rose in the centre of the pink dotty is from a collection of 30 I won on ebay. They are from New York so I sat until the wee hours to make sure I won, I wanted them badly and they are really worth it.

At the car boot I'm always on the look out for vintage children's card games to put my brooches on to. I love these happy family ones I'm using at the moment as once you take off the brooch all the gorgeous faded colours are revealed.

I've been making these button hearts for a while now as they sell well and look so pretty. I've only recently started putting a scrap of fabric on the wire to add a bit more colour.

Finally some crochet flower brooches in grown-up colours. I've made some zingy bit too bright ones for the hair ties for little buns party. I'll try to remember to put them on another post. The pink brooch at the top has got to be wrapped in a moment and delivered to a lovely friend who is having an operation tommorow. I hope she likes it.


  1. Completely scrummy yummy things Bobo. I wish I was coming to the Southwold fair!

  2. Oh wow, the broches are gorgeous and I love the old playing card idea to display.

    I saw that the new CK mag has a tutorial on making felt egg cosies, I think I may give it a go - when I can get round to buying some felt!!

    All such super ideas.

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. Such lovely makes, well done you! And good luck with your easter fair, I bet you will do brilliantly x

  4. All such lovely things. Good luck with your fair.


  5. I just found your blog and it was like discovering the most lovely of presents! I must say how much I love your corsages, and the idea of using the old card games to present them is a great one!

    So happy to have found you and your lovely blog - will visit again soon

    Lots of love
    Julia xxx

  6. Hi love all your clever goodies, its a great way to present them on a card too X dOm
    ps hope the buns are doing well at school and settling in well

  7. What a feast for the eyes, such gorgeous stuff! Loving the little crochet animals, far too fiddly for me to try and make.
    Julia xx

  8. Love your brooches and the little mouse is soooo cute!
    Hope little bun is feeling better now and Mummy too. I know when J was ill, I felt so drained, emotionally and physically and I wanted to cry all the time. It's horrible to see them so poorly.
    Have a good week hunni.
    Take care.
    Beki xxx

  9. Ooooh! Lovely things.............. shame you don't have an etsy shop................... I love the playing card display idea, wonderful!
    Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  10. hi mrs b, bless Alfie, he looks as daft as our daft hound with a daft personality to match. You must have some pretty cool car boot sales near you, what great finds and just one more thing..when you gonna sell some of your fab makes to us lot??? xx

  11. how lovely to find myself listed as a lovey friend ! - operation went well but am a bit sore - loved my beautiful brooch - you are such a clever Bun ! catch up soon and keep blogging - really enjoying the read ! Kath xx


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