Monday, 16 March 2009

New beginnings

It's only been a week and a half since I last posted, but in blogland that can feel an age. When I started this blog I only intended it to be a place of happy nostalgic creative news. About creating through being a mum, crafting, cooking and the general creative spirit of life. Sometimes this just can't be the case, because however much I put an upbeat spin on here, behind the scenes real life is going on. Real life meant that I didn't have any energy left for writing and then when I sat down to upload my photos my computer wouldn't play ball. Finally I have them on, but Picassa won't let me make them more attractive, so sorry for their slight fuzziness. Also everything is squashed today and won't let me move it.

In a nut shell after months of worrying about the buns at school we have finally moved them to another one. Today is their third day. It was a very hard decision to make as their old school is in our village and is right for them in so many ways, but not in others. They have some lovely friends who they have known since Nursery school. We struggled between what we wanted for them educationally and their happiness. In the end we made the decision, but this last week at school has been hard. watching them with friends, hearing them talk about future plans. On Friday night I felt awful as the reality of it hit the buns. Some of their friends had given such thoughtful gifts and handdrawn cards which brought a lump to my throat. However, on the first morning little bun was up at 6.30am full of joy and excitement for the day ahead. She has soaked up our message that she will be adding to her list of friends. Eldest bun is far more cautious, but she has a nutty and confident little sister to hold her hand and guide her through what lays ahead and forever more. As an only child this is where I know they are truly lucky because they have one another and they adore each other. I didn't need to worry though as they have already made new friends and are having a great time.
So back to blog news, last week I ordered some gorgeous books from Amazon that I've wanted for a while now. I've only managed to get two images sorted out so far. Sublime Stitching is fabulous and really inspiring with the range of ideas for embroidery. This and the others, which I will reveal next time, have all given me a much needed creative lift and so I'm now bubbling with ideas and plans.
These cats are destined for eldest bun. For a pillow, cushion or clothes - I don't know yet. I love them, so maybe I should have some for me too.
The other fantastic parcel to arrive was this tin of vintage buttons. I only just got it at the last minute on ebay. I remebered I had wanted it two minutes before bidding ended and couldn't believe I got there in time. The tin they came in is simply gorgeous and takes me back to the tins of toffee hidden in my christmas stocking. The horses on the front remind me of our tin horse Prince, so really I think I like the tin just as much as what's inside.
In true style though I also forgot a more fabulous collection that ended yesterday. So I've started leaving post it notes over my screen to help me.
Just read note which reminds me I must go and eat my lunch now.


  1. So glad the little buns have settled into their new school. Must be a huge relief for you. It is great that they have each other, I was also an only child and would of given anything to have siblings to go through life with.

    Love your little tin and what a great collection of buttons, I have button envy lol!
    I was also lucky on ebay yesterday and finaly managed to get a Jack in a box for my little man Jack. I've missed out on a few, the last one being the other day while in hospital with Jack so am absolutely delighted I finaly have one on the way.
    Hope things start looking a bit brighter for you now.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Glad your little ones have settled at their new school, I remember when I was due to go to secondary school and my parents said they wanted me to go to a private school, I cried all night long, I didn't want to leave my friends. Luckily for me they changed their mind and some of those friends are still with me today.

    How come I never see anything like that on Ebay?

    Jo xx

  3. Hello

    Thanks for your lovely comment. One of our issues has been education recently as one of my children has been really unhappy at school. Anyway, hopefully that has been sorted now. Thanks for being real! It makes me feel much better. Some bloggers are like gushing looneys about how flipping marvellous everything is and sometimes I would like them to get real!

    Have you heard of bid tamer or similar for ebay. It is a free site (three bids per week) that mean you can place your maximum bid on an item. It will only bid above the last bidder so you never pay much more than the last bid but you nip in at the last minute. Great for wallies like me who also forget or get interrupted when trying to bid!

    Have a good day!

    Love Emma xxxxx

  4. It's always a toughie trying to manage heart and head, though children are so tough and resourceful.

    Love the look of your new book, embroidery now that's another thing to add to my list!!

    take care,

    Nina x

  5. Hi
    Mrs Bun, glad youre buns are ok. I totally understand all those feelings you had. We swapped my little lads school in september and I was worried wether we were doing the right thing, even though he wanted to. Its just that we dont want them to be unhappy. I remember feeling like I could have changed my mind at the last minute!
    Glad I didnt as now everything worked out for the best. Happy boy at school
    I have that book its great and has lots of lovely transfers
    x Dom

  6. Oh I do sympathise - we moved counties to get the sort of lifestyle and future for our little bunch we thought would be right.

    You have to do what's right for your family and already your decision is paying off. Its not easy being brave, good for you.

    We heard today that the little nursery in our village that our youngest has been at since Christmas (and really settled into) is to close before Easter. Completely out of the blue, no warning at all. We're not sure what to do next but your good feeling has given me hope!

    What lovely buttons - I've only got 7 in my tin! Have a lovely weekend.

  7. What a lovely blog you have here. I will be back!



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