Sunday, 29 March 2009

My Beautiful Little Bun

For weeks now, really it's been months, my beautiful littlest bun has been counting the days with excitement to her birthday. Yesterday Saturday 28 March she turned 7 and she was far too ill to really notice. On Thursday night she started being sick and this just went on through Friday and into the early part of Saturday. I feel so sad for her as she was looking forward to so many things. Handing out sweeties at her new school on Friday; going to our favourite farm and then family party tea on her birthday and today a tea party with proper games with eight little friends. Yesterday she was too ill to really notice and asked her big sister to choose each present to be opened and for me to pull the paper off for her. Bless her she tried so hard and said wow at each delight. Eldest bun was an absolute star and looked after her. By the evening we were so worried we called the doctor and now she is rallying a bit. She woke this morning feeling brighter and all excited that she would be able to have her party. As she planned balloons and games it seemed so cruel when we had to explain to her how she is contagious for three more days and so we would have to cancel it. Luckily nearly all of them can come next weekend and so she will still have that party girl moment. Most importantly she is getting better and has asked for waffles for breakfast and yorkshire pudding and peas for tea.
I chose this photo of her as for seven whole years now she has smiled and lit up the world with her sheer delight in the simplest of things, her swing being one of them.
I adore you little bun.


  1. What a shame for your daughter, but at least you can rearrange the party. I hate it when the children are poorly, there seems to be quite a lot of it at the moment.

  2. oh poor little bun! i have a 7 year old daughter and i know how upset she would be at being poorly and missing out but your little one can drag her birthday out for an extra week :-)
    enjoy the party next weekend !
    lesley x

  3. Ohh thats so sad, I remember when my little boy had a birthday and he couldnt eat as he had an infection, it was sooo sad to see that look in his eyes, but the good thing about kids is that they bounce back and the sadness dissapears, oh to be young again...
    Happy Birthday little bun and i hope next weekend is filled with lots and lots of happy memories.xox

  4. Oh bless her, it's so awful when that happens. So many times we have had to either cancel things or put them on hold because of illness1

    Though on the upside a belated party to look forward to and we all know the 'best' babies are born on March 28th - no matter of the year!

    Happy belated birthday 'Little Bun' may all your wishes come true.


  5. Happy belated birthday little bun. Hope shes feeling 100% soon and enjoys her extra birthday next week.
    It's bad enough when they're so poorly but to miss out on your birthday is awful.
    Hugs being sent to Mummy and little bun.
    Beki xxx

  6. Oh poor little bun, eldest daughter is seven, I know how excited they get on their birthdays. It's a shame she was so unwell, but I'm glad she's on the mend. I'm sure she will have a fantastic celebration on Saturday.
    Bertie x


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