Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Flowers and Fashion

Before meeting my mum this morning I had a quick dash around the car boot. I was jumping for joy when it started up again last week. Then I only came away with a couple of plates and some leeks. This week I found this gorgeous green glass vase which looks perfect with roses in. I also couldn't believe my luck when I found these embroidery scissors. I've wanted them for a while now. I have a perfectly fine boring pair, but I really really wanted these beautiful birdy ones and now they're mine.

After we had finished getting all the final things sorted out for little buns birthday tea party, we went to choose some flowers from the market. I try not to spend as much as I used to on flowers, so I was torn between two of my favourites - anenomes, which were my wedding bouquet and arunculas. I settled on the arunculas in the end. They look so beautiful all wrapped up tightly ready to burst forth in yet more colour. The book they are laying on is CK's Vintage Prints which was waiting in the letter box for me when I got home.

Today I thought this vintage blue glass jug was perfect to set off their sunshine colours. I have far too many vases and often settle for jam jars so I can scatter them all over the house.

I realised as I was writing this post that I was also wearing some subtle flowers today. The floral lace panelling on this blouse was my reason for buying it. My favourite clothes are from Noa Noa and I love anything similar to their style. Our local Rainbow has a Dorothy Perkins tucked in the corner and that's where I found this top and fabulous ring.

Much later on, after tea we did our usual last minute mad dash to start and finish a project. Tommorow night is the Brownies recycled fashion show. The buns had to design and make clothes from recycled things. They had drawn the designs a few weeks ago, but the making never quite happened. Considering we had about an hour I think the results are pretty darned good.

Little Bun in Philip Treacey's latest with feathers, straws and recycled tissue paper.

Eldest Bun in Vivienne Westwood's newsprint t-shirt.


  1. Oh what lovely flowers - this springy weather has brought so many out. Its lovely to enjoy them again isn't it.

    I love the glass vase and jug, they set your flowers off a treat.

    And that's a fabulous outfit! I adore Noa Noa but only own a pair of knee socks from there. Such pretty beads, very elegant.

    Wishing your girls a lovely birthday tea. Hope you all have fun.

  2. OK, I've seen you refer to this twice and I HAVE to know; what is a car boot? Something like a flea market? I thought a boot was what "we" called a trunk...... regardless, I love your blog! Gina

  3. Guess you're in the US Gina. It's what you call a garage or trunk sale. In a field with lots of strange people, dogs and hidden treasures. Hope this helps.

    Lisa x

  4. fashion designers in the making!!!
    i love the turquoise jug i am really liking that colour at the moment it feels all summery :-)
    lovely flowers - im off to the flower market today to try and get something pretty :-)
    lesley x

  5. satinallIf I ever find any I will bear you in mind. Making them is a good idea though!
    Great outfits! Jess had to do similar with Guides but it was with blackbags.
    Now we have another fashion show to sort out. She has to wear an outfit from 60s. 70s or 80s for school.....should be fun lol!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

    p.s love your vase and jug!

  6. Hi Lisa, crikey, it seems only five minutes ago I was reading about your gorgeous metal horse and now there's loads of posts to catch up on! hope you are all feeling better and the little buns are settling in to their new school.I loved what they wrote in your card, how gorgeous!
    I have the very same ring as you in red and I tried that grey top on last week! now I'm so wishing I got it, it's lovely! x

  7. Gorgeous flowers and I love your 'boot' finds. I want some birdie scissors too!!

    Loving the Viviene Westwood look too, I've got to try and rustle together an Easter Bonnet for Monday as usual I've left it until the last moment plus it's our eldests 9th birthday tomorrow, phew I think I need to sit down with another glass of wine before I tackle anymore tonight!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x


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