Sunday, 1 March 2009

Finished at last

On Saturday evening I started sewing the fabric onto the back of eldest bun's crochet cushion. I managed to finish it just before she went to bed and she was thrilled with it. It's been cuddled ever since. Poor little girl woke up on Sunday morning full of cold and feeling pretty poorly so she needed to snuggle on the sofa under blankets and surrounded by cushions. We lit the woodburner and put on a film. Her new special cushion gave her that extra bit of comfort.
As I read little bun her bedtime story on Saturday night she asked (in such a sweet way so it was very hard to refuse any request) if I would be able to finish her cushion. I stayed up until 1am finally sewing the flower on the middle, knowing that there would be two happy little buns instead of just one. I popped it on her bed so she would see it when she woke. She was just as delighted with her new so soft and squashy cushion. I can't think of anything better than enjoying making something and then giving the gift to someone who loves it.

I decided to cover the backs of both cushions with fabric so they could have a bit more colour on them and to be truthful I didn't fancy repeating the round in the same colourway. Here is Eldest buns from the front -

and then the back in my favourite pink polka dot.

Little bun was discussing colours as I was finishing this one off. She announced that pink was her least favourite colour (so you'll like your pink cushion then I thought). Purple was her favourite and then green. We know about purple adoration so her blanket and walls are all different shades of that colour. Therefore, I fancied a change from that colour, hence the pink with yellow edging. So I opted to put a bit of green in her flower, otherwise it would have been blue.

Funnily enough the fabric I used on the back is something I've never quite liked, even though I chose it. Here on the cushion it looks perfect and I really do like it.It was obviously waiting for this project.

While on the subject of projects I have two little proteges. Since being taught the basic knit stitch there is no stopping them. This is after tea on a school night, needles out and off we go. I never thought we would be saying to them "only one more row and then it really is bedtime." Little bun is left handed, but I have taught her as a right handed knitter so she is doing really well.

With eldest bun feeling poorly on Sunday we invited the grandparents over for a visit. They came with comics, sweeties and grapes for the invalid. I used to lay on the sofa in front of a roaring fire and my mum brought in bowls of black grapes (seeds removed) sprinkled with sugar. So she brought these in honour of that memory. I thought it was a good excuse to make cakes for afternoon tea, plus the ladies have been laying four eggs every day without fail so we had quite a few to use. I inherited these fantastic scales from my mother-in-law who sadly is no longer with us. She always baked so I like knowing that they are still very much in use for her family.

Little bun and I made a chocolate cake which rose like a tower. The last one looked like it had been sat on. For me it's pot luck, they all taste good so I'm happy. We also made some buns.

Can you see the smiley face she put on the top?


  1. The cushions are simply adorable! Great idea!

  2. The cushions are great, what a good mum you are staying up til 1am. Glad your little ones are taking up knitting, when I was young me, my mum & sisters would all sit & knit in the evenings... mind you this was the 70's so there was nothing else to do!!! Can I have a slice of cake please..???!! :)

  3. Hello Lisa, your cushions are beautiful. Your little buns will treasure those for years to come.
    Bertie x

  4. Could you pleasae sahre those cakes. I'm feeling rather peckish.

  5. There's not much cake left as we all went back for seconds. I'll set up a tea party for next time and you can all have a piece. Promise.

    Mrs Bun

  6. Love the cushions and the cakes don't look bad too!!

  7. the cushions are wonderful and the cakes look pretty good too.
    love that your little ones are learning a new craft - what a great thing to pass on.
    t x

  8. Gorgeous cushions, and backing fabric! You are so talented :) Love your little scales too, and your cakes look fab xx


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