Saturday, 7 March 2009

Coughs and Sneezes

Last weekend I stupidly said we haven't had any colds this winter. So of course it was inevitable really that eldest bun came down with one the next day. She has been off school all week feeling dreadful and so I've been cooped up too. Somehow this has zapped any creativity I might have had planned. Apart from making the buttons bags on Monday and crocheting flowers, I've been unable to get myself motivated. So instead I attacked two buns bedrooms. As they hoard as much as us it took nearly a day and a half, but now they are done and looking lovely with bunting up too at long last.

I also finally put up this frame. We bought these vintage cards in Kensington Gardens in the North Lanes while I was pregnant with eldest bun. They were part of the plans for her nursery. Funny those ideas you have and how it all turns out so differently. Both buns ended up staying in our bed and then in a cot in our bedroom for the first year. It felt so odd to have carried this little person around for nine months and then put them out of sight. That first night hearing our first baby snuffling in the dark in her moses basket lasted about five minutes. We were both up carrying her into bed and that's where she stayed for the next six months. Then we moved house four times before settling here, so it's taken a while for this picture to finally be framed and hung in her bedroom.

Then when we were on holiday in North Norfolk we found these gorgeous cards in a secondhand bookshop. So they hang in little buns room and make me smile every time I walk past them.

As my inspiration for this post comes from a week inside I decided to show you two more of our memorable finds. Here is Prince, so named after Mr Bun's horse that he had as a child. Prince fell to pieces in the end and so he went to toy horse heaven with lots of tears all round. When we saw Prince 2 in a fleamarket we knew he had to come home with us. He is a much loved part of the house and is staring at me as I write this having just had a mornings gallop across the floor. His faded and slightly worn appearance makes him all the more beautiful I hope he stays forever.

The next find is a tin toy that we were told was made by a prisoner of war out of cans. It is magical in an odd way and makes me think of helter skelters and end of pier rides. More often than not a family of Sylvanian's are whizzing past in the boats.

As the week wore on the food supplies dwindled and I felt stir crazy. With eldest bun getting better, just having a small amount of energy I thought an hour in John Lewis' wool department and then a cake would be just the thing. We looked at all the lovely sewing kits for children, for inspiration (me) for potential shopping (e.bun). They are packaged beautifully, but when they are things I can help the bun's make from scratch I object to buying them. Then I think am I just being a meanie?
We wandered to the wool part next and saw the next Debbie Bliss magazine was finally out so I got that and a few more balls of cotton for my flowers (to be shown soon).

This gorgeous ribbon was also asking to come home with us so I said ok then.

Before heading off for cake we had a look at Amy Butler's new Spring fabrics. Eldest bun chose the ones she would like for summer skirts, just got to find some patterns for little girls who are tall. Eldest bun is 8, but the height of a 12 year old and little bun who is on the verge of 7 is a nine year olds height. So it's never easy finding clothes that fit and look their age. Finally thinking I should be making more for them so we have more choice.
After cake we headed back to the car through the cooking department and couldn't resist these cute little measuring jugs. For me they are the best buy in a long while. They simply make me smile, will I ever actually use them ? I don't know. Does it matter? No. Are they gorgeous to just look at? Yes. Also they will probably come in handy for toys teaparties. I love them so much I took three pictures of them.


  1. I know what you mean about girls bedrooms. My daughter is 17 and sometime I can't find a space to put my feet on her bedroom floor. I love the prints you have framed too.

    Jo xx

  2. Prince is great, love the cards too. I'm going to check out John Lewis for thoses jugs... I'm sure I really need them!!! :)

  3. Oooh I've got my eye on those measuring jugs too, they're so pretty!

    What amazing finds you've found, the tin toy is wonderful and the horse is just the thing childhood memories are made of. Adorable cards too, they look smashing.

    Hope you're all feeling better and the sunshine perks you all up. Look forward to seeing your flowers.

  4. Hi Mrs Bun
    Yes girls rooms! it doesnt get much better either. Unless they are threatened!or bribed.
    Love the rocking horse its so lovely. I love the jugs too
    x Dom

  5. Good on you for tidying - boring but satsifying at the same time.

    I love Kensington Gardens for shopping. Love the cards.

    Love Emma xxxxx

  6. Neither of our two left our room before 18 months, I used to read under the covers using a head torch!
    Love the rocking horse and the cards. I have a selection from the car boot that I keep meaning to frame, just another task to add to the long, long list.
    Julia x


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