Monday, 23 March 2009

Catching Up

Mother's Day was wonderful. Two gorgeous little buns and a Mr Bun to snuggle with in bed and me being given gifts. Mr Bun and little bun also brought up coffee, biscuits and daffodils picked from our front garden. While I opened my cards and gifts, the buns tucked into the biscuits. Eldest bun had chosen this lovely little roses glass pot for me and little bun chose the sugar bowl. I have ideas for our bathroom to be painted in this shade of primrose yellow with lots of pink and floral curtains to give it that extra something. I can see this becoming a soap bowl once the paint brush has been and done its job. This may be some while though as there are yard of hideous teraccota tiles to paint white first as we can't stretch to re-tiling such a large room at the moment. Where was I? Back to Mother's Day.
My other presents were these gorgeous framed pictures they had drawn and coloured in. Little bun has done Posh Molly her cat and eldest bun is floating over a garden filled with her favourite things. I'll have to get the drill out as our walls are made of the hardest hard stuff and then I can put these up.

Little bun also made the flower pot at Brownies (eldest was too ill to go) and the daffodil card was made at school. In it she has written "thank you for looking after me, you chase all my bad dreams away, you are the best mummy in the world, you are perfect." Their love is so pure it melts me, when they are teenagers I think I will use this as evidence to remind them how nice I am really.

For my mum I spent all Saturday embroidering a tray cloth with the words Tea Time and cups and a gateau underneath. I was really really pleased with it. However, you'll have to take my word for it as I forgot to photograph it. In January 08 I set myself three goals - to teach myself to crochet, embroider and get hens. Well they all turned out very nicely and I really enjoy all three. I prefer crochet now to knitting as I like the quick results you can get. I'm a very impatient person. Freeform embroidery I love as it can be done on practically anything to jazz it up and make it interesting again. The range of coloured threads and the different stitches you can use give it the same quality as painting for me. I can draw out a picture and then give it colour and texture and feel excited as I watch it all grow in front of me.
I did do some knitting this week though. I have a two week sale coming up for the Easter holidays in Southwold, so I need to be restocking. I made these flower posy brooches, the other ones are yet to be finished. I've also been working on chicks, mice and knitted cakes amongst other things. Each time I make something new the buns desperately want it. I feel mean, so I let them have it and then I have to make yet more. It's good market research though, because if they don't like it I know it's not working as an idea. Eldest bun is brutually honest and at eight she already has very good taste.

I've also got to crochet twelve flowers for hairbands and slides as party gifts before the weekend. Little bun is seven on Saturday. On Sunday we are having eleven little girls here for a tea party. We have quite a few rooms here in our cottage, but they are all pretty small, so we thought eight girls, including our own, would be perfect. Now we have changed schools little bun has met a few more she wants to come, how can I say no. So with a squash and a squeeze I'm sure we'll all have fun.
In honour of the party we found this fantastic disco ball in a junk shop. Little bun has wanted one for ages and so she was thrilled when we saw it through the window. It now hangs from the beam in the dining room, gaily cracking me on the head everytime I walk under it. I smile and curse quietly.

Now to commerate the Union Jack craze I thought I would show you our wooden bunting. I bought it over a year ago to brighten up the bean I painted white. I bought two lengths and so it runs across the room cheering it all up no end.

Finally I wanted to say thank you for your kind comments about the buns changing school and their illnesses, it is really appreciated. I just wanted to add that when eldest bun went to the hospital clinic on Saturday it turned out she was dangerously close to developing pneumonia. I had taken her to the doctor a week before who told me her chest was clear and there was nothing wrong, despite it sounding rattly and dreadful to us. She has been awake at 4am every day as she coughs so much and can't sleep anymore. By Saturday she was burning up and feverish. The doctor at hospital said it was a chest infection and we had caught it just in time. Thankfully she is now on strong medicine which smells like bubblegum and tastes like battery acid. She refuses it and so I kindly say ok I'll book the hospital bed now then shall I. Down it goes, followed by a sweetie or two and now she is on the mend.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    lovely handmade Mothers Day gifts, aren't they the best??

    Love the Union Jack bunting, I have just bought something similar, but I'm not too sure where to hang it!! I can feel a colour change coming on to accomodate!

    Nina x

  2. Hi Hunni

    I hope eldest bun is on the mend, they really are a constant worry aren't they?
    Lovely Mothers day gifts you have there, we are lucky Mummies aren't we?
    Loving your UJ bunting!

    Have a good week!
    Beki xxx


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