Monday, 2 March 2009

Buttons and threads

Eldest bun has been off school today so I've been inside all day despite the gorgeous weather. Instead I tackled the enormous ironing pile and then finished an order I needed to send out. I was asked to make a button bag in a material that would co-ordinate with the pincushion and needlecase the lady bought. So as green and red were the main colours I came up with this -

I've sold all of my button bags and badly needed to make some more. As we had a while before picking little bun up from school I made a couple more. Over the next few days I must start building up my stock of goodies again. I made one in pink dotty fabric and cheered it up by embroidering a couple of flowers on it.

The other one is from remnants of vintage curtains that I need to line, put new header tape on and finally hang. Another one of those jobs that are just waiting to be done.

Finally I have some threads from the 1930's to show you. I picked them up at the weekend from a junk shop. They are too lovely to use really, but I had to have them. I'll probably put them on my next stall.

Now after all this gorgous craftiness it's back to the horrible reality of putting away the piles ironing.


  1. Your button bags are adorable, I especially love the red one. I never thought of a button bag before but it would be much more organised than just chucking them in my sewing box like I currently do! X

  2. Hi Mrs Bun
    The button bags are lovely and pretty. I have the one from our swap hanging on the cupboard above my computer. Too nice to put awayX Dom

  3. Love the button bags, such a lovely idea.

    What is worse, doing the ironing or putting it away!!

    Nina x

  4. I have my buttons in a jar but I love the whole button bag idea. They look fab!
    Beki xxx

  5. Hi Lisa..thanks for your message, I know just what you do get used to it though,dont you(unfortunately!)
    Love your button bags , the last vintage fabric one is so pretty and those threads are gorgeous, it's hard to part with things like that isnt it, but like you say, too nice to use!

    I LOVE your versions of the round crochet cushion by the way..there are quite a few in blogland at the mo but your blue and pink spotty one is definately my favourite so far!

  6. just found your blog and I'm feeling inspired already, it's yummy and I will be back, thank you for brightening up my evening! xx

  7. Hi Lisa, thank you for your lovely comment. What are 'mums' like?? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw that. I'm going to have to be very, very careful in the future! An apology is going to be posted to her today, though hopefully only she will see it!!!!

    take care,

    Nina x


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