Saturday, 21 March 2009

Barriers to Spring

Since my last post I've had a couple of others all witten in my head. The images are all ready and waiting on my camera, but the laptop won't play ball. I've erased tons of stuff, but can't load onto Picassa and so I feel in limbo between this world and the world of blog. It's out there and I can't quite touch it. I'm not too technical and Mr Bun really hasn't a clue (not overall, just about this) so will have to keep fiddling and see what happens.
The picture above is from one of my book buys last week. I really love the idea of making a patchwork curtain to hide things away. I don't know if any of you recognise the kitchen as I've already seen it in Country Living and then another article (can't remember where). There are so many of these lovely homes that get used and I see them in knitting books, craft books and interiors magazines.

I could only get hold of two pictures that make sense. This little scene was set up by little bun. She emptied out a couple of paper bags to see what I had bought from the wool and haberdashery shop in the week. Then she had a lovely half hour sorting everything into it's colour group, asking me if I thought it all worked. I felt it deserved a picture to record this rainbow of colour. It reminded me of the colour wheels we painstakingly mixed for and painted in those first weeks at art colllege. Once done I don't remember ever using them again, I've always felt constrained by referring to something, I much prefer having a quick look and then jmping straight in.

I also wanted to say Happy Spring everyone and lets hope all the nasty bugs and yucky stuff finally get shown the door around here. Eldest Bun has been ill for three weeks coughing all night and looking far too pale, little bun has just sneezed and I feel as if a steamroller played with me in the night. So I look out at the blue skies and I feel really uplifted, but I can't get the ooompph to get out there much. Lying prone on the sofa seems a better option once I've fed the animals.


  1. hope you all pick up soon we have been the same here as well :-( spring sunshine helps though !!!

    love the colour co ordinated picture and all the possibilities of what you are going to do with it all!
    have a lovely weekend and happy mothers day ! lesleyx

  2. Hope the little buns get better soon!

    I keep meaning to make a couple of curtains for my kitchen, glad I waited now because I think the patchwork looks lovely. I was going to go for a gingham.

    Have a good weekend
    Happy Mothers Day!
    Beki xxx

  3. ohhh - lovely kitchen picture - i had it in my mind to paint our makeshift kitchen units but i was totally unsure if it would work - can you tell from the picture if the worktop is wood?
    the patchwork curtain is lovely and one which i have done - sadly i did not prewash my fabric and it shrunk on the first wash and now looks stupidly short!!!
    ah well - maybe i will make another.
    hope your weekend is a sunny one
    t x


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