Monday, 23 February 2009

Wool Therapy

Once I had taken the Bun's to school I felt I should visit the wool shop, just to see if there were any lovely new colours in for Spring. There were so many new yarns to look at. When I was a child the sweetie shop held the same wonder with its selection of jars filled with so much sweet goodness. Now the wool shop inspires the same feeling in me. I like to browse and savour all the colours, feel the different textures and plan what I could do with the ones that are my favourites. I bought a few things today. I got a packet of these delightful little rubber jumpers to hold needles together. I don't really need them, but the Bun's are learning to knit so will think them a knitting must have.

I got two balls of Bebbie Bliss' Stella in the reduced bin, mainly because the colours hit me and some more Rowan DK Cotton to add to my stash of colours. I also got 1/2m of this cheerful Cath Kidston boat cotton. I thought mixed in with my red polka dot it will make a great bag for flannels in the bathroom.

Back at home I got on with the round crochet cushions I'm making for the Bun's. Eldest Bun is having this blue one. I've just got to choose some fabric to back it with and make a cushion pad.

Little Bun is having this pink one, which I'm finally about to edge with this creamy yellow. I might just have my hot chocolate first.


  1. What lovely colour wools and I can't wait to see finished cushions.
    I'm hoping to be able to make one myself soon, once i've mastered circles and flowers.
    Have a good week
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Hey dark twin, I am sooooo jealous of your wool shop. I am desperate to get some rowan cottons to start my new blanket but I really want to see the balls and put them together so buying online doesn't really appeal. We have no wool shops near us at all. The nearest is in south Devon.

    Your cushions are beautiful. I would like to have a go at making them one day. Are they easy?

  3. Seeing your projects makes me jealous that I can't knit or crochet! Loving your photographs today xx


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