Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekend Bliss

Emptying book bags on Friday nights I find all sorts of little drawings. Little Bun had done this in choosing time and told me it had taken a long time to colour in each of the rainbows. I don't think there is a scrap of paper that I have ever thrown away. We have cupboards heaving with drawings and paintings that they have done, each stirring up different memories. All so beautiful in their own right, how do I choose one over the other. I keep meaning to frame some to hang around the house. They are all ready in a pile, but then there are lots if similar piles of jobs to do either in my head or on a chair. I think it will all be done one day.

It has been an incredibly tiring week of horrible things like tax returns and bitterly cold weather so the relief we felt when the weekend finally arrived. Some weeks we wake up on a Monday and I know it will be a long week as I'm already wishing it was the next weekend. I love when all four of us are here together and we can make any plans we want. On Saturday I asked the Buns if they wanted to go and get the cats new collars and some sweets. They chose a stay at home day in their jammies doing whatever they fancied. I wish I was eight again sometimes as it looks pretty good to me. First they made some lovely jewellry from straws. All the colours were lined up to get the right mix.
After threading onto a bit of string, a knot from daddy and hey presto a necklace.
It has since been given to me to add to my collection of beautiful necklaces.
At lunchtime little bun wanted to be a mermaid, so I ran her a bath to swim in and let her hair float out all around her. I sat and crocheted some brooches I am working on while we talked of this and that and just enjoyed being together. Mid-afternoon we were all feeling a bit peckish, so the buns and I made some hot splodgy jam sandwiches. They beat an egg with vanilla and sugar and after dipping the sarnies I fried them in butter. Homemade hot donuts, delicious. My mum used to make them for me as a child, except they were deep fried, Elvis would have been proud. Once we had sprinkled more sugar on them we all went very quiet as we munched away.

Why is it that the picture in the cookbook always looks less thrown together than the real thing? Does it taste as good I wonder.

All week I have wanted to move the dresser from the sitting room to the kitchen, but it was too heavy for me to drag. As my mum had stayed over for the night with the buns so we could go out, we had another pair of hands to help. I didn't let her or Mr Bun know what I planned as they would groan it's Sunday leave me alone. So I got on with making a mess and half moving stuff around. I knew they would give in in the end. It took most of the day to get everything straight, alongside cleaning out three hutches (how much longer will they live I ask out loud when I 'm fed up with this job), but now it's done. Except for the fact that the dresser hid where I had only half painted the wall and the picture rail. So I need to get my paintbrush out again.
And the whole point of this moving around? Well I thought if I had the kitchen table in the front room I could put up shelves and have a space to keep all my bits and pieces. Maybe even do some work. It looks like the buns have other ideas for this table though. They have put their own sewing boxes on the table, so maybe they know what it's all for.
While all this was going on Alfie kept his head down and looked after his little pal. Eldest bun said it was Pug Power (too much Scooby Doo in our home I think).


  1. oooh it looks like you had a great day, we are having a jammie day today. cute pictures x

  2. Those hot jammie sandwiches look just the thing for cold, miserable, wintery days...must give them a try...

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me, I agree about the sandwiches, they sound great. Love your smeg too and all the bits in your kitchen xx

  4. alfie is so cute , pug power!.
    The hot jammie sandwitches look totally yummy and moreish!.
    I hope the little buns have let you haven the space under the table at least!.
    x Dom


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