Sunday, 22 February 2009

Supercalafragalistic day

We woke on Saturday to find blue skies and sunshine. It feels like winter is definately leaving now. So we packed a picnic and set off for one of our favourite places, Bressingham Steam Museum. It's one of those old fashioned places run mainly by volunteers who have a love for steam engines. There are dodgems, a carousel, trains, engine sheds, magical gardens and the crowning eccentric glory - a Dad's Army museum.
First off we clambered on to the gallopers.

Whirled around and around singing to a selection of songs from Mary Poppins and a lovely bunch of coconuts.

On the inside of the horses are these ostriches. I love the colours of their faded paint as much as the garish brightly painted horses with their golden manes.

We always come back for a few more spins later in our visit. Then it's off to the engine sheds and to pretend for just one tiny moment that we are about to board the huge steam trains on an adventure to destination unknown. The 39 Steps, Murder on the Orient Express and seaside holidays all come into my imagination - which shall I choose.

Nothing so glamorous on offer here.

I stood beside these huge machines daydreaming and completely forgot to take any pictures to show.

Next it was a quick day trip to Walmington on Sea. At one end you are thrown into wartime Britain.

At the other you will find the Trotter's van - for no reason other than it's there.

Which all just makes this eccentric place what it is and why we love coming here so much.

In the Dad's Army world we dress up in Mr Jones' Butchers Shop, type out letters in Captain Mainwaring's office before rushing past Frazer's Funeral Parlour to the bank. Last stop is the village hall for a tune on the piano and to watch the show. The acting's a bit stiff today though.

After this we needed a run around the gardens to play Billy Goats Gruff on the bridge. I was the Troll again and had to threaten to eat them all.

Then it was time to go home feeling very content.


  1. I love carousels, i could stay on them all day!!!

  2. Looks like a great day out with loads to do.

  3. Looks like a great place to visit .So many places I see in blog land that look lovely x


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