Monday, 9 February 2009

Johnny and Snowy's Party

I keep looking at all your blogs with the snow and keep thinking where's ours. Just to prove it here's our weather for Sunday.

It's so odd, we keep being told it's coming, but still - no snow. So we're very cold with blue skies. I prefer this, but the kids would love a bit of proper snow fun. Without snow to play in they decided birthdays were long overdue for two of their friends, Johnny and Snowy. Johnny the monkey has been eldest buns firm friend ever since she was nine months old. We spotted him in a charity shop window as we drove past one day, so had to go back the next day to make sure we could get him. She sat outside with her daddy in her buggy while I went in. The moment I handed him to her she hugged him to her so tightly you could see a new love was developing. I love that my girls have special friends who are there for them each night just when they need a snuggly cuddle, or when they are upset or ill. Bobo was always there for me, Johnny for eldest bun and little bun has a gang of three, Pom, Willa and Charlie. This is why it was Snowy's birthday today as she felt the others couldn't share properly.
When I came down on Sunday morning they had already been busy putting up signs.

The birthday boys were in their finery all ready on the sofa ready for the day ahead.

My job was to make some party cakes. I'm not allowed to cover them in seriously pink or white icing and 100's and 1,000's as I would like. I love gooey, sickly cakes, the buns prefer them pretty dry, raisin ones being their favourite. Looking at this picture they look pretty dry in that been in the oven too long way. They tasted good though despite this.

When the party was over eldest bun sat down and created this fantastic beach with a small seagull on the top of the mountains. Seagulls are big around here. We might no longer be in Brighton, but Mr Bun's love for the Seagulls, Brighton's football team, goes with him. Both the buns are junior seagulls and me - well I'm a disappointment - I absolutely hate football, even the noise of it. I do have a small seagulls sticker on my car windscreen though. It was a present from Mr Bun to protect me while I'm driving, now out of superstition I'd never take it off.

As a bit of crafting seemed to be going on I fancied joining in so had a quick look in Green Crafts for Kids and found how to make these lovely flowers. Got all the bits and bobs out and off they went. Now I fancy making a bouquet of pink or red roses so that we can always have some in the house.


  1. Hi Mrs Bun
    I keep my fingers crossed you may get some snow! as the little buns will love it.
    You are so sweet organising a tea party for Snowy & Jonny!. I hope they didnt eat too many cakes !
    Glad to see your hubby is a seagulls supporter!. My little lad won a competition to go and meet the team(its in an earlier post). He was most happy. Hubby loves football too not playing , watching with lager!. We used to go away and watch a few matches in our younger courting days!how romantic I hear you gasp!(mmm??)football to romance me!. Glad you have a seagull sticker in your car
    Your parcel is winging its way to you, I popped it in the post this morning and hopefully it should be with you tmrow! as long as the postal service are well behaved. Its coming recorded as extra peice of mind. You both have todays argus to read! it is getting thinner each week. I havent taken half of it, I promise
    x Dom

  2. Lovely party... I think it's so important that you have a well loved toy as a child. I'm planning on making a bear for my brother's new baby. I had Mrs Mouse when I was little... my mum knitted her for me... she knitted me another one a couple of years ago when she discovered the knitting pattern in the back of the cupboard!! :)

  3. I came over from a link on kitschen pink... you have a delightful blog! Love your photos and your clever crafting. I wish I could send you some of our snow - we have had it hanging around for a couple of months!

  4. Hi Mrs Bun
    I have sent you an email with a link x Dom

  5. Hi Mrs Bun

    Just found your blog through a link and have had a lovely time reading. Will definately be back for more.

    Take care
    Beki xxx


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