Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm working on....

Just as I wondered if I would be getting my parcel of fabric goodies from Donna, the postman brought them to the door. I ordered a mix of fat quarters and a couple of half metres. I try to only make only one or two items out of the same fabric to keep it individual, so I never order too much of any one thing. The fabrics are gorgeous as always.
I'll use the fat quarters to make hearts, yo yo brooches and possibly a make-up purse.

I can see an apron or a tea towel in this yellow one. Maybe a pegbag. I'm not sure yet.

After doing all my paperwork I felt inspired to get on with making. As I don't have a proper workspace I dragged everything I needed onto the kitchen table. I was about to start making for my next sale, when I saw the knitting bag I had finished a couple of weeks ago stuffed under fabric in a bag. I had forgotten all about this after I bought the handles. So this seemed the first place to start.

Here it is all soft and empty, ready for use.

I lined the bag with some vintage fabric that I have had for a while. I'm glad that I didn't cut any of this as I only just had enough to make the lining. Hot pink roses and the bluest of pansies go so well with the colours of the wool.

I added a pocket to keep smaller things and needles in so it won't all get mixed up.

It looks just right hanging there with my other wool bags. All my other yarns are packed away in cupboards waiting to become something else.

After I had sorted out my bags I pulled out these afghan squares. They are the first ones I have ever made. The plan is that they will become a gorgeous blanket for eldest bun. Sooner or later. I have read Lucy in Attic 24 mentioning how it took her seven months to make one of her blankets. So perhaps later would be more realistic.

I thought I might as well show you my needles and hooks while we are here. The small pink box is really a Nemo TV. A birthday present from the buns to replace a favourite small red plastic telly called Dogs on TV. You had to squint through the small eyehole to see dogs dancing and at parties. We got it from a heavenly shop full of kitsch fun called Cissy Mo. When it first opened in Brighton we would always start shopping days there. We still use the cat phone that meows when someone calls us.

No more distractions, I got back to what I should be doing. I cut out some shapes and finished off a new type of brooch I have been working on.

The beads finish it off perfectly I think. I'm now working on lots of different colourways.


  1. Hi Mrs Bun - love the knitting bag - it looks really cosy, good enough to hibernate in! Keep up the good work...

  2. Really looking forward to seeing what you make with your latest batch of fabrics. You have such good taste and have chosen some beautiful prints. Your knitting bag is delicious, well done for finishing it! LOVE the brooches :-)

  3. Oh I LOVE your knitting bag, that fabric is fab! Donna has some gorgeous things on her site..i'm always having a mooch on there, I do love your choices,you cant beat a bit of kitsch! Right I'm off to catch up on your previous posts..thanks for your lovely messages btw xx

  4. Lovely post! Such colourful busy-ness!


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