Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I feel like a real blogger now

I was just about to write my post, when I was suddenly struck by the realisation that I actually have a blog. Nothing ground breaking in the whole world of possibilities, but for ages I have read other peoples blogs, admired their work; their beautiful photographs; the easy friendship that exists between this community of crafty bloggers (as all blogs seem to exist in their own little orbits) never thinking for one moment that I would take join in. Then one day I decided I wanted to take part and now only a month and a bit later here I am. I have met some lovely people and now taken part in my first ever swap.
The Valentine's Swap as organised by A Thrifty Mrs paired me up with Rosesposes. I got my parcel from Dom this morning and I am overwhelmed by her generosity and thoughtfulness. Here they all are wrapped up to keep me guessing.

The Argus is there for Mr Bun as Dom kindly sent him a little piece of Brighton. The homemade card is so beautiful, I think I have given quite a lot of hints about my love of toadstools.

Here they are all unwrapped and fabulous. The tin says 'frugal is such an ugly word' so I think money for unfrugal (is this a word?) things can be kept in here until spending day. The cake book will be great for jotting ideas down ( you can never have enough notebooks or tins in my humble opinion) and the floral measuring tape great for the only DIY person in the house. The one's I have are so ugly. I think the picture will look great in the kitchen. And lastly ....

Isn't this just gorgeous. Eldest Bun now wants one of her own. I might hang this on the door to say I am at home to visitors.

Look who was hiding under the table as I unwrapped my gifts. Alfie often nods off sitting up and sometimes standing, leaning into our legs. Such a baby really.

The next important job of the morning had to be trying out the hot chocolate with a crunchie. I made it in my favourite mug and sat down to work. The smell alone was yummy, I think I'm hooked.

Now I think I should show you what tempted me last night after school. It was pouring with rain yet again, our garden is flooded beyond belief so I needed to do a bit of spring is on the way day dreaming. The bun's and I went to get the cats their new collars and toys and some more rabbit food. At the front of the shop we spied these lovely bursts of colour. We have lots more, but I don't know that I could hold your interest for that long.

The Iris' are my favourites, but they never seem to last long and then end up looking like long grey fingers.

Finally beautiful spring flowers on the table. I even decorated the cake Easter style so I know I'm getting itchy to make our Easter tree and hide eggs, but before that we have little buns birthday. She was born the day before Good Friday, but this year Easter falls late so it will make the celebrations last longer. Can you spot her trying to sneak into the picture. Cheeky chops.

Once we had munched on cake the buns needed some button therapy. I left them counting and sorting into colour piles while I got on with the boring adult jobs I had ignored all day.


  1. Lovely swap gifts... mine will be delivery tomorrow. Cake looks yummy!! This was a very spring like post... well done!! I love the mug & the crochet flowers :)

  2. Hi Lisa...Pop over to my blog and pick up your award :)

    Love Happy xx

    (PS I love this post!)

  3. The spring flowers & cake look gorgeous!

    How long has your obsession for mushrooms been going, mine is a recent obsession that I feel might get out of control if I let it!

    Lovely gifts from Dom, especially the Parma Violets!

    Vanessa x

  4. Lovely swap and a great colourful post. X

  5. Great post!! I love all the swap gifts and great springy!!! pictures. xx


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