Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Colours everywhere I look

While cooking the Bun's tea I thought I would take a few photos of things that I enjoy looking at every day. The ladies were still busy destroying our garden searching for grubs and the light was good. Suddenly more can be squeezed out of our days and it feels great. While pots boiled and things simmered I wandered off, clicking away.
First I got drawn to everything with bold primary colours. New paint waiting for the weekend to be mixed and turned into purple and orange too.

A seagull with attitude, bought for Mr Bun in recognition of Brighton's Seagulls (football you understand). Sorry about the blurry picture.

Little Buns painted birdfeeder waiting to be varnished. Someone's already moved in.

A victorian lady that we bought from a friends antiques shop. I think she was some sort of advertising sign.

Cheeky robot is actually full of bubbles waiting to be blown into the air. The birdie warbler sounds great when you fill it with water and blow. We had two, but somehow I melted it in the washing machine. I think a bun left it in their pocket. The tiny red wicker basket which holds the soap was bought at the end of a lovely beach day. We wandered into the village for ice creams and the bric-a-brac shop was still open. So there it sits as a reminder of another great day.

A little card sent by a friend with our ladybirds. Mr Bun bought one for each of us on one of his travels. When I was small we called them BishyBarnabys. Now I'm older I know it's something to do with a Bishop Barnaby whose red cape gave them their name.

A 1920's lemon juicer that Mr Bun bought for me a few Christmas's ago. It's absolutely pristine, so I don't think it's ever been used. I absolutely love these cheery china pieces from the 20's and 30's. They are cheeky and whimsical and make me happy each time I look at them.

This was meant to be another present, but I bought it in the end as I was afraid it would be sold before Mr Bun got to the shop. Each trip to the library took us past an antiques shop where this pair stood in the window dressed for their night out. I looked longingly and kept hinting. Then suddenly one day they were no longer in the window. When I found them hiding in the shop I decided to sort my own christmas gift out for that year.

Finally, one of several floral pictures. Chosen for the beautiful mix of colours and the bunnies that have stayed since last Easter. Here they are ready and waiting for this one to arrive.

All done just in time to serve up tea and feed two very hungry buns.


  1. Lovely pretties. I like the bird warbler & the lemon juicer :)

  2. Great piccies, so many lovely pretties!
    I especially love the robot bubbles, can I ask where they came from. Jack is quite taken with the cbeebies programme 'little robots' at the moment and like most little ones (actually big ones too) loves bubbles so would love to get him one of these.
    If i'm honest, I would love one myself 'he he'.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  3. Lovely pictures, all such beautiful things. The seagull has a fantastic likeness to the bruisers that live around here.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. Hi Mrs Bun
    Can you send me your email please as I am making my blog private and want you to be able to visit. Only I will see your emailso it will be safe. Then I can add you x Dom

  5. Hiya GORGEOUS....!

    I LOVE the little Treasures from your home that make you smile....!

    If I were doing a similar post I'd include the DIVINE Jingly Jangly brroch I got from you....It continues to be my FAVE piece....!

    I hope you're well Lovey....!

    Cheers from SOGGY Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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