Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Busy Menu

I bought this from a friend at Vintage Soul on Saturday (more about that later). I love the fabric, it smells delicious as it's filled with lavender, but most of all the sentiment sums it all up. Each and every week this is what it's all about. It all comes down to two questions, what are we eating and what are we doing today? I think I'll hear what are we doing today a lot this week as it's half term.

Here is one of the busy mum's hands. What do you think of this lovely glittery nail varnish I've found? I bought it for the buns to have fairy glitter on their fingers, but I seem to be using it more. It also looks great over the red on my toes too, but I'll spare you the sight of my feet for today. Now I look this closely at my hand all I can think is how much older it suddenly looks.

I've just had a really busy week rushing to finish making everything for the Vintage Soul sale and getting it all labelled and priced. On Friday night I set up my stall which made a real change from the usual early rush to set up in a morning. We got woken up incredibly early on Saturday by one very excited eldest bun who just wanted to see if Jack Valentine had been to visit. She made lots of noise until we were all awake and then we could all go and see if he had been. Mr Bun managed to knock on the door before they got there and found these on the doormat. We yelled out of the door to thank him, hope he heard.

Mr Bun's valentine's goodies.

There were also presents from the buns. In the middle of the week I had picked up two little girls from school with very square tummies. When I asked what was under their coats they just giggled and denied anything. Now the secret's out. They'd made these fabulous boxes, even printed off the paper and then sewn the gorgeous pillows inside. Eldest Bun made one for daddy (as he is her best friend) and Little Bun made her one for her best friend (me).

Once the buns had opened their presents I had to rush off to Vintage Soul for the day. They were all coming to see me later on and then have a walk by the sea. Mr Bun was going to stay with me and the buns were going back home with their grandparents.

It was great to catch up with the people I've met through doing these sales and meet some more. All day there was a great buzz with lots of people coming in, but no one was really spending. After a long day and all that hard work I made a tiny profit. I only took two pictures at the sale as every time I got my camera out someone was at my stall, so apologies for not showing you how lovely the room looked.

I was strict with myself and only bought a few things. As well as the lavender pillow I got two metres of this lovely daisy fabric, a couple of ladybirds and I was given this gorgeous scarf as it has my favourite colours in it.

When we got home the buns were playing Operation and beeping away. Grandma and Grandad had given them some valentine's presents so they were munching on sweets and planning a day of Hamma beads. When they were finally in bed we lit the fire and candles and drank something fizzy before collapsing.

Sunday was a real home comforts day. We set the table properly for breakfast and all ate together, rather than the usual grab it and disappear that goes on. I made this cake, the macaroons (spot the missing cherry) and a blue cheese and leek tart for lunch. We lit the woodburner and snuggled up to watch films. Later on we had a Hamma bead session and then I finished off the front of eldest buns round crochet cushion. It's looking good, very blue and pink. I just need to make a flower for it and find the right fabric for the back.

Have a great half-term or week depending on what you're up to.


  1. Oh that smartie cake looks yum! Great retro cushion. your stall looks lovely. any news yet on Burnham? I tried to email from the other blog afer we spoke but I got bounced! t.x

  2. I have not done a fair this year yet, so I was wondering how they would go!

    Your stall looks great!

    Vanessa x

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. We have the same problem at work...loads of people looking but no one wants to buy :( shame after all that hard work. I thinking of doing a fair in June but not sure it's worth it. Cakes look fab... I could just eat one now!! :)

  4. Hi Mrs Bun
    Love the fabric. What we are eating is a major decision in our house too!. Especially if its lazy night for me!
    Your stall looks lovely and colourfull. You getting going on your folksy soon
    The little buns valentines present looks very sweet
    enjoy your week

  5. It looks like you had a lovely Valentines day. I am particularly jealous of that fruit and nut Toblerone; we don't have that variety in the states.
    Also loved the glimpse of your table. My husband can be grateful I was not there; we may have had a difficult time balancing the check book. So many delights...


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