Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Blissful Day

In the holidays we always keep some days free for us to do just as we please. Before we planned our day we played the shopping list game. We had to get rid of the beef card as we're all veggies and the buns find that one really offensive, sausages, well they could be Linda's after all.

Next we made some more flowers. These are our roses, carnations and hydrangeas. The buns arranged them around my desk to make it more cheery.

Pip was on the armchair by my desk looking like she has just been dropped from a height. Pretty much a daft and very content cat.

We needed to sort out school shoes and wanted to feed ducks too so off we went to a market town near us. Luckily eldest bun's feet have stopped growing for a while, but while little buns haven't grown, her shoes have fallen to bits. We had to order her size in and she got seduced by some Startrite Felicity Wishes shoes which sparkle purple as you move. They didn't have her size though which didn't seem fair. Then we went to the most girly shop on offer - New Look. Eldest Bun chose a diamante teddy bear necklace and robot socks for her and Mr Bun to share (don't think they will stretch that much though).

Little Bun chose a purple headband and I got a lovely vintage looking print blouse. I can already see this over a t-shirt and jeans. It has sequins over some of the flowers and the buttons are really sparkly. I got a big thumbs down for the other two tops I picked up and this was chosen as the one.

Next up was the sweetie shop. The shrimps are mine and have now all been eaten while I write this. We got lots of others, but they disappeared on the way home. The buns looked hilarious with their goofy teeth in.

Once we got to the quay it wasn't easy keeping up with them. Mr Bun used to walk them here every Sunday in their double buggy to feed the Ducks. There was an old duck that they decided was in charge and so they called him the Colonel. I hope he's still about.

Surprisingly there were some hens down there as well. This cockerel was wandering about in the middle of the gang, just another one of the boys. We decided they probably live there with the ducks. Near our village is a roundabout that everyone calls Chicken Roundabout, for years it's been overrun with hens and cockerels. More boys than girls to be fair as I think quite a few get dropped off in the dark.

The buns wanted to go to the park, but it was getting so cold and the lure of lighting the fire and drinking hot chocolate was too much for me. So a lovely day ended with us curled up in front of the fire watching Bee Movie.
I love these days when we can do pretty much as we please.


  1. What a lovely day!
    I think I may be popping to New look later, those socks are great and the blouse is lovely. You're right, it will look great with jeans.
    Hope you enjoyed your sweeties.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. What a lovely day. I was in New look yesterday, i bought a fab red coat and a bag. We are veggies too, so i know what you mean about the game. x

  3. I read this post earlier whilst I was catching up and loved your SHOP SHOP SHOP bag, today I popped out and went to WHSmiths and what did I spy? The same bag! Of course I had to have it because you can never have enough eco bags!! Thanks for showing it xx
    P.S Lovely blouse too xx

  4. I realised after I had posted that I'd forgotten to say where I got the bag Gem. Silly me.

  5. Hello there Mrs Bun

    Thank you so much for my award. I'm a bit behind on things (half-term and all that) but I will blog about it very soon. It's lovely to discover a charming new blog. I love your bag and I might treat myself to one tomorrow.

    There's nothing like a day of mooching about is there.

    And I love your top too. I tried it on myself yesterday but I'm obviously the wrong shape - shame. Lovely, lovley retro vintageness!

    Have a smashing weekend.

  6. What a fab day! I have nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award on my blog x


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