Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Colours everywhere I look

While cooking the Bun's tea I thought I would take a few photos of things that I enjoy looking at every day. The ladies were still busy destroying our garden searching for grubs and the light was good. Suddenly more can be squeezed out of our days and it feels great. While pots boiled and things simmered I wandered off, clicking away.
First I got drawn to everything with bold primary colours. New paint waiting for the weekend to be mixed and turned into purple and orange too.

A seagull with attitude, bought for Mr Bun in recognition of Brighton's Seagulls (football you understand). Sorry about the blurry picture.

Little Buns painted birdfeeder waiting to be varnished. Someone's already moved in.

A victorian lady that we bought from a friends antiques shop. I think she was some sort of advertising sign.

Cheeky robot is actually full of bubbles waiting to be blown into the air. The birdie warbler sounds great when you fill it with water and blow. We had two, but somehow I melted it in the washing machine. I think a bun left it in their pocket. The tiny red wicker basket which holds the soap was bought at the end of a lovely beach day. We wandered into the village for ice creams and the bric-a-brac shop was still open. So there it sits as a reminder of another great day.

A little card sent by a friend with our ladybirds. Mr Bun bought one for each of us on one of his travels. When I was small we called them BishyBarnabys. Now I'm older I know it's something to do with a Bishop Barnaby whose red cape gave them their name.

A 1920's lemon juicer that Mr Bun bought for me a few Christmas's ago. It's absolutely pristine, so I don't think it's ever been used. I absolutely love these cheery china pieces from the 20's and 30's. They are cheeky and whimsical and make me happy each time I look at them.

This was meant to be another present, but I bought it in the end as I was afraid it would be sold before Mr Bun got to the shop. Each trip to the library took us past an antiques shop where this pair stood in the window dressed for their night out. I looked longingly and kept hinting. Then suddenly one day they were no longer in the window. When I found them hiding in the shop I decided to sort my own christmas gift out for that year.

Finally, one of several floral pictures. Chosen for the beautiful mix of colours and the bunnies that have stayed since last Easter. Here they are ready and waiting for this one to arrive.

All done just in time to serve up tea and feed two very hungry buns.

Monday, 23 February 2009

A lovely award

Craftydramaqueen has kindly given me this award for my vintage inspired home. I know I'm supposed to give the award to other deserving blogs, but it seems that all the blogs I read now have this award. So I will simply say thank you so much and enjoy the lovely splash of colour this award brings.

Much Later on - I found this lovely blog called Bertie Meadows full of crafty nostalgic charm. She's also a new addition like me, so I will pass this on to you Bertie.

Wool Therapy

Once I had taken the Bun's to school I felt I should visit the wool shop, just to see if there were any lovely new colours in for Spring. There were so many new yarns to look at. When I was a child the sweetie shop held the same wonder with its selection of jars filled with so much sweet goodness. Now the wool shop inspires the same feeling in me. I like to browse and savour all the colours, feel the different textures and plan what I could do with the ones that are my favourites. I bought a few things today. I got a packet of these delightful little rubber jumpers to hold needles together. I don't really need them, but the Bun's are learning to knit so will think them a knitting must have.

I got two balls of Bebbie Bliss' Stella in the reduced bin, mainly because the colours hit me and some more Rowan DK Cotton to add to my stash of colours. I also got 1/2m of this cheerful Cath Kidston boat cotton. I thought mixed in with my red polka dot it will make a great bag for flannels in the bathroom.

Back at home I got on with the round crochet cushions I'm making for the Bun's. Eldest Bun is having this blue one. I've just got to choose some fabric to back it with and make a cushion pad.

Little Bun is having this pink one, which I'm finally about to edge with this creamy yellow. I might just have my hot chocolate first.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Supercalafragalistic day

We woke on Saturday to find blue skies and sunshine. It feels like winter is definately leaving now. So we packed a picnic and set off for one of our favourite places, Bressingham Steam Museum. It's one of those old fashioned places run mainly by volunteers who have a love for steam engines. There are dodgems, a carousel, trains, engine sheds, magical gardens and the crowning eccentric glory - a Dad's Army museum.
First off we clambered on to the gallopers.

Whirled around and around singing to a selection of songs from Mary Poppins and a lovely bunch of coconuts.

On the inside of the horses are these ostriches. I love the colours of their faded paint as much as the garish brightly painted horses with their golden manes.

We always come back for a few more spins later in our visit. Then it's off to the engine sheds and to pretend for just one tiny moment that we are about to board the huge steam trains on an adventure to destination unknown. The 39 Steps, Murder on the Orient Express and seaside holidays all come into my imagination - which shall I choose.

Nothing so glamorous on offer here.

I stood beside these huge machines daydreaming and completely forgot to take any pictures to show.

Next it was a quick day trip to Walmington on Sea. At one end you are thrown into wartime Britain.

At the other you will find the Trotter's van - for no reason other than it's there.

Which all just makes this eccentric place what it is and why we love coming here so much.

In the Dad's Army world we dress up in Mr Jones' Butchers Shop, type out letters in Captain Mainwaring's office before rushing past Frazer's Funeral Parlour to the bank. Last stop is the village hall for a tune on the piano and to watch the show. The acting's a bit stiff today though.

After this we needed a run around the gardens to play Billy Goats Gruff on the bridge. I was the Troll again and had to threaten to eat them all.

Then it was time to go home feeling very content.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Blissful Day

In the holidays we always keep some days free for us to do just as we please. Before we planned our day we played the shopping list game. We had to get rid of the beef card as we're all veggies and the buns find that one really offensive, sausages, well they could be Linda's after all.

Next we made some more flowers. These are our roses, carnations and hydrangeas. The buns arranged them around my desk to make it more cheery.

Pip was on the armchair by my desk looking like she has just been dropped from a height. Pretty much a daft and very content cat.

We needed to sort out school shoes and wanted to feed ducks too so off we went to a market town near us. Luckily eldest bun's feet have stopped growing for a while, but while little buns haven't grown, her shoes have fallen to bits. We had to order her size in and she got seduced by some Startrite Felicity Wishes shoes which sparkle purple as you move. They didn't have her size though which didn't seem fair. Then we went to the most girly shop on offer - New Look. Eldest Bun chose a diamante teddy bear necklace and robot socks for her and Mr Bun to share (don't think they will stretch that much though).

Little Bun chose a purple headband and I got a lovely vintage looking print blouse. I can already see this over a t-shirt and jeans. It has sequins over some of the flowers and the buttons are really sparkly. I got a big thumbs down for the other two tops I picked up and this was chosen as the one.

Next up was the sweetie shop. The shrimps are mine and have now all been eaten while I write this. We got lots of others, but they disappeared on the way home. The buns looked hilarious with their goofy teeth in.

Once we got to the quay it wasn't easy keeping up with them. Mr Bun used to walk them here every Sunday in their double buggy to feed the Ducks. There was an old duck that they decided was in charge and so they called him the Colonel. I hope he's still about.

Surprisingly there were some hens down there as well. This cockerel was wandering about in the middle of the gang, just another one of the boys. We decided they probably live there with the ducks. Near our village is a roundabout that everyone calls Chicken Roundabout, for years it's been overrun with hens and cockerels. More boys than girls to be fair as I think quite a few get dropped off in the dark.

The buns wanted to go to the park, but it was getting so cold and the lure of lighting the fire and drinking hot chocolate was too much for me. So a lovely day ended with us curled up in front of the fire watching Bee Movie.
I love these days when we can do pretty much as we please.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I have just added a comment on thrifty mrs' most recent post and my word verification word was bleable. These words amuse and interest me in the same way that Bill Bryson was fascinated with English place names in Notes from a Small Island. My real grown-up job, before I became a full-time mummy and juggler of lives, was as an English Lecturer. Words have always held a fascination for me. As a child my head was always in a book. Sometimes it is just the absurdity of words that makes me chuckle and occasionally roar with laughter. I like the words that get thrown up when I leave a comment and usually end up making up my own meanings without realising I am doing it. Todays word is about being believable. Seeing what is really there.
In the spirit of seeing what is really there I took some photos of myself today. The ones we have look nothing like me. Or - the way that I think I look. So here I am, Mrs Bun, the person behind the words and images.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Busy Menu

I bought this from a friend at Vintage Soul on Saturday (more about that later). I love the fabric, it smells delicious as it's filled with lavender, but most of all the sentiment sums it all up. Each and every week this is what it's all about. It all comes down to two questions, what are we eating and what are we doing today? I think I'll hear what are we doing today a lot this week as it's half term.

Here is one of the busy mum's hands. What do you think of this lovely glittery nail varnish I've found? I bought it for the buns to have fairy glitter on their fingers, but I seem to be using it more. It also looks great over the red on my toes too, but I'll spare you the sight of my feet for today. Now I look this closely at my hand all I can think is how much older it suddenly looks.

I've just had a really busy week rushing to finish making everything for the Vintage Soul sale and getting it all labelled and priced. On Friday night I set up my stall which made a real change from the usual early rush to set up in a morning. We got woken up incredibly early on Saturday by one very excited eldest bun who just wanted to see if Jack Valentine had been to visit. She made lots of noise until we were all awake and then we could all go and see if he had been. Mr Bun managed to knock on the door before they got there and found these on the doormat. We yelled out of the door to thank him, hope he heard.

Mr Bun's valentine's goodies.

There were also presents from the buns. In the middle of the week I had picked up two little girls from school with very square tummies. When I asked what was under their coats they just giggled and denied anything. Now the secret's out. They'd made these fabulous boxes, even printed off the paper and then sewn the gorgeous pillows inside. Eldest Bun made one for daddy (as he is her best friend) and Little Bun made her one for her best friend (me).

Once the buns had opened their presents I had to rush off to Vintage Soul for the day. They were all coming to see me later on and then have a walk by the sea. Mr Bun was going to stay with me and the buns were going back home with their grandparents.

It was great to catch up with the people I've met through doing these sales and meet some more. All day there was a great buzz with lots of people coming in, but no one was really spending. After a long day and all that hard work I made a tiny profit. I only took two pictures at the sale as every time I got my camera out someone was at my stall, so apologies for not showing you how lovely the room looked.

I was strict with myself and only bought a few things. As well as the lavender pillow I got two metres of this lovely daisy fabric, a couple of ladybirds and I was given this gorgeous scarf as it has my favourite colours in it.

When we got home the buns were playing Operation and beeping away. Grandma and Grandad had given them some valentine's presents so they were munching on sweets and planning a day of Hamma beads. When they were finally in bed we lit the fire and candles and drank something fizzy before collapsing.

Sunday was a real home comforts day. We set the table properly for breakfast and all ate together, rather than the usual grab it and disappear that goes on. I made this cake, the macaroons (spot the missing cherry) and a blue cheese and leek tart for lunch. We lit the woodburner and snuggled up to watch films. Later on we had a Hamma bead session and then I finished off the front of eldest buns round crochet cushion. It's looking good, very blue and pink. I just need to make a flower for it and find the right fabric for the back.

Have a great half-term or week depending on what you're up to.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

And the award for being a friendly blogger goes to ...

Very Special Friendship Award

Award ceremony time is here. Happy from happy loves rosie has just given me this award. Thanks so much Happy, shucks my first - I'm blushing. I hope I'll pass it on properly as I'm not too good at instructions, I tend to veer off into my own version.

I have chosen my eight deserving blogs. I know some of you to be very friendly bloggers and others I have read your blogs and friendliness just oozes out. Here goes:

Lucy at attic 24
Charlie at the pigeon loft
So on receiving your award you can choose to do any or all of the following. Copy and paste the award to your blogs sidebar, add a link back to me and then choose eight more friendly and deserving blogs. I think I've done that all right.
Have a great day x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I feel like a real blogger now

I was just about to write my post, when I was suddenly struck by the realisation that I actually have a blog. Nothing ground breaking in the whole world of possibilities, but for ages I have read other peoples blogs, admired their work; their beautiful photographs; the easy friendship that exists between this community of crafty bloggers (as all blogs seem to exist in their own little orbits) never thinking for one moment that I would take join in. Then one day I decided I wanted to take part and now only a month and a bit later here I am. I have met some lovely people and now taken part in my first ever swap.
The Valentine's Swap as organised by A Thrifty Mrs paired me up with Rosesposes. I got my parcel from Dom this morning and I am overwhelmed by her generosity and thoughtfulness. Here they all are wrapped up to keep me guessing.

The Argus is there for Mr Bun as Dom kindly sent him a little piece of Brighton. The homemade card is so beautiful, I think I have given quite a lot of hints about my love of toadstools.

Here they are all unwrapped and fabulous. The tin says 'frugal is such an ugly word' so I think money for unfrugal (is this a word?) things can be kept in here until spending day. The cake book will be great for jotting ideas down ( you can never have enough notebooks or tins in my humble opinion) and the floral measuring tape great for the only DIY person in the house. The one's I have are so ugly. I think the picture will look great in the kitchen. And lastly ....

Isn't this just gorgeous. Eldest Bun now wants one of her own. I might hang this on the door to say I am at home to visitors.

Look who was hiding under the table as I unwrapped my gifts. Alfie often nods off sitting up and sometimes standing, leaning into our legs. Such a baby really.

The next important job of the morning had to be trying out the hot chocolate with a crunchie. I made it in my favourite mug and sat down to work. The smell alone was yummy, I think I'm hooked.

Now I think I should show you what tempted me last night after school. It was pouring with rain yet again, our garden is flooded beyond belief so I needed to do a bit of spring is on the way day dreaming. The bun's and I went to get the cats their new collars and toys and some more rabbit food. At the front of the shop we spied these lovely bursts of colour. We have lots more, but I don't know that I could hold your interest for that long.

The Iris' are my favourites, but they never seem to last long and then end up looking like long grey fingers.

Finally beautiful spring flowers on the table. I even decorated the cake Easter style so I know I'm getting itchy to make our Easter tree and hide eggs, but before that we have little buns birthday. She was born the day before Good Friday, but this year Easter falls late so it will make the celebrations last longer. Can you spot her trying to sneak into the picture. Cheeky chops.

Once we had munched on cake the buns needed some button therapy. I left them counting and sorting into colour piles while I got on with the boring adult jobs I had ignored all day.

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