Thursday, 22 January 2009

Trying to find colour amongst the greyness

Today was beyond wet. It was so dark this morning that we slept on late, then it all became a mad rush to get to school on time. Little Bun was back to square one after a great day at school and she was exhausted. So I took Eldest Bun only to school and then Mr Bun went to work. Really we all wanted to snuggle down together and not go anywhere. It was one of those days where you want to lay by the fire watching Whisky Galore or Passport to Pimlico with a large box of maltesers, maybe play cluedo and then have a snooze. But no, it was Thursday and Mr Bun has his own business now so sick days are a distant memory. We took a wonderful sick day together not long after we were soon to be three. Fortunately we worked at the same college so it seemed plausible that we both had food poisoning. We went to Bosham and took a fantastic picnic. It was February, freezing cold with bright blue skies and clouds rolling across it. We walked across the dry harbour floor and around the inland harbour for a bit, before strolling back to the tea shop for hot chocolate and teacakes. We visited King Canute's daughters grave in the church and then we ate our picnic in the car before ambling back home to Brighton. My strongest memory of that day is the blue sky and feeling really content. Stolen time.

As the cupboards were bare today we had no choice but to go and buy some food. I also needed some more blue paint as the one I had picked before was too dark for the kitchen cupboards, but not for Mr Blue who lived up to his name and managed a dashing stripe along his side. At the market we got distracted by these fantastic paintbrushes and palettes for a £1 each. I think this means we will be painting some pictures here at the weekend.

The best bit and the highlight of our day was this tiny daffodil bringing a bit of colour into this grey day.

Little Bun held her daffodil carefully on her lap all the way home trying to decide what to call her. She finally settled on Dancer the Dancing Daffodil. I don't know if she will be here long though as she has already been watered twice and has had a few walks around the house.

After the Bun's went to bed I heard footsteps. I went to see who it was who couldn't sleep and found this gorgeous invitation from Eldest Bun. Inside is a choice of things for us to do on Sunday, my favourite is monster making. I'd better go and write an acceptance note right away.


  1. I remember my daughter writing me little notes & cards (in fact I still have a lot of them!). She's 19 now so I get texts instead!

  2. Oooh, I think I missed out on the little notes and invitations. What a lovely thought...long may it continue, Mrs Bun

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I have just found you via Michele at C & C! I love your blog, and you have such nice things in your beautiful cottage.

    Will be back soon

    Vanessa x


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