Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sweet Maggie

As I was rushing off to the bank this morning the postman was coming up the path with a package for me. I always seem to forget that I have ordered anything, so each time it is a complete surprise. Then I had a decision to make, be late for the appointment or see what was in the box. Of course I was late. When I unwrapped the brown paper this was who I found.

As you can see, her name is Maggie and she is absolutely adorable. For those of you not familiar with the extremely talented Nicky's work she comes from Vintage Magpie. I chose her for little bun's upcoming seventh birthday in March. I thought I would order early in case of any problems. Now I do have a problem. She is so sweet that I will feel mean hiding her away and how can I not have a little friend for eldest bun too. I have had a look at Nicky's other bunny girls and chosen one to be made.

As per instructions I settled her in with a cherry cake to eat while her hot chocolate was being made. I think she will be adored by all.
After the bank I had a peek in the charity shop. First I found these lovely printed pillowcases and then hidden at the back of the shop were these four glass bowls. They will be perfect to add to my stall at Vintage Soul.

At the front are some very shiny heart buttons that I found when I got back home and was finding all the buttons the buns have been collecting up. I really like the green ones against the pillowcases.


  1. Maggie is gorgeous! I too had the same dilemma and am now a proud owner of two bunnies, well, I didn't want Prue to be lonely ;-)

  2. Hi honey
    sorry I'm so rubbish at checking my workroom phone! Thanks for the prompt! there was another message too that was quite urgent - oops! Off to do school run now, will try and catch you tomorrow! t.xx

  3. Maggie is soooooo sweet.......... And another great link for me to follow.................. Thank you!


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