Sunday, 11 January 2009

Simple Pleasures

We have just had the most relaxing weekend full of good food, laughter, cosy fires, and to top it all I found a winter car boot so I am a very happy person.

I took this picture of my plasterwork mirror on Saturday morning as the light was so clear for a change. The slightly faded colours of the flowers make it one of my favourite things to look at.

Then I hid myself away for a while as I had bought four balls of Debbie Bliss' Como on Friday to make a knitting bag from her new magazine. It's knitted on 10mm broomhandles so lovely and quick which is just what I like as I'm very impatient and I love seeing results as soon as possible. It knits up beautifully. Once I have done the other half I'll need to choose some handles and search my fabric stash for just the right lining. My head is spinning with projects I should finish, new ideas I want to get working on for the buns and more importantly making more stock to sell at Vintage Soul in February.

I had promised little Bun we would make Bad Harry's Birthday Trifle yesterday, but it just didn't happen as we ran out of time. It had become pretty impossible to move about in their rooms, so we had to tidy them up before going to a friend's for tea. Eldest bun has a very tiny room, but somehow all three of us squished in there as I sorted out things for throwing away and for the charity shops. They played with everything and then put it back again. Finally though one room nice and shiny again. When I did little Bun's she sat on the floor colouring in a fabric bag and then thanked me kindly for making her room look so lovely. I curtsied and left as all good staff do. Bless her.

This morning I decided to go and have a quick look around an indoor car boot that a friend's mum told me about. It's in the sheds of a plant nursery so it will be all year round. Hooray. First one for months, so I was really pleased to come back with these. Two beautful floral ceramic brooches, pansies and roses,

more coloured knitting needles to add to my pot,

Two Ladybirds to complete the seasons set. The Bun's are mad on sheep and call them Betty's. After we read a poem by Shirley Hughes about a sheep called Betty, that was it forever a Betty. Sheep now doesn't seem to describe them as the old ladies we think they are.

Finally, I have found a Tala measuring jug - now got my eye out for a Horlicks Drink Mixer. I have a mental list in my head and it always turns up in the end after I have bought loads of other things too.

When I got back my lovely man made me coffee and a huge toasted teacake which I shared with little bun. We stood side by side, hands on hips staring out of the window and munching contentedly. Then eldest bun showed me a photo she had styled and shot of Johnny her best ever friend finishing her breakfast. She wants me to include him as he really is a very gorgeous monkey and we all love him.

So on to the important matter of Trifle Making. I was just the helper today, but I did make the custard and I'm very proud of this - it's the first time I've made it without lumps. Saucepan and bowl licked clean by the only boy in the house.

Finally it was finished, all decorated in true birthday party style waiting for the grandparents to arrive. My mum brought a slab of christmas cake. So we ate this first and then attacked the trifle as we were having a greedy day.

The trifle collapsed once we had all attacked it. Eldest bun now wants to make Pippi Longstockings Muffins. Never has a cook book had such an effect in our house.

Now we are all well and truly stuffed.


  1. great booty finds and a trifle... yummy
    i cannot remember the last time i had trifle :)
    t x

  2. Hi Bobo Bun
    Thought I would come and introduce myself!, my name is Dominique and I am your valentine swap partner!. Loved reading your blog and looking at some rather yummy things that have made my mouth water too!. Look forward to catching up with you x Dominique

  3. Dominique, hopefully you will get back here as I can't post you a message on your blog for some reason. You can email me at and then we can swap details and stuff like that.
    Fingers crossed you come back here.

  4. Love your bootsale finds, well done you! I am missing the bootsales, we don't have an indoor venue here in North Devon so I will have to wait until Easter for them to start up again. There is nothing nicer that an stroll around a field on a Sunday morning looking for treasures.


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