Saturday, 3 January 2009

Our Tree is Looking Unhappy

I have suddenly reached the point where I want to get rid of all the decorations and sweep up. The tree looks really sorry for itself, so I think tommorow is the day when it will have to go. I had a dream the other night that I went too close to it on xmas eve and every single needle fell off. So we had a bald tree. The dream is becoming a reality. Anyway we have fairy lights up all year round so it won't feel much different around here.

I collected another four eggs today. I can't believe our ladies are still laying. Mind you this is their first year so they are probably still full of enthusiasm. Apparently once they stop laying they shed their feathers, so hopefully they will keep them on for a bit until it gets warmer poor things. Now we have to decide what cake to bake to use them up. I never really got my act together with baking before the hens came along, but now I would feel guilty if I didn't use them.

One of my decisions for this year is to finish what I started (and I start a lot of things and then either get distracted or enthused by something new). Decided this is a bad and expensive habit so today I finished a bag I was making for Rosey Bun. Here it is in all it's finery, just got to start the one for little Bun. She has asked for a purple one (purple being the essence of all that is good in her world) with a cat on. First I will finish everything else, but my mind is already buzzing with new projects.

Now I think it's time for cake, coffee, fire and knitting. I started a balaclava yesterday for Mr Blue (tempted to make his master one too) so want to get that done and have a laugh. The pattern has two gorgeous fawn pugs wearing them looking like bug eyed astronauts. I'll let you see as soon as it's done.


  1. Do you know our tree has been the worst one I have ever had? The needles are dropping like crazy and I am dreading the day I have to drag it out through the house.

  2. Hi and welcome to blogland. I too plan to finish what I've started (isn't that from a song?). Too many UFO's piling up around my place.


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