Friday, 2 January 2009

Off we go....

Hello, I thought it was about time I entered into blogland as I have been waiting in the wings and reading all of yours for far too long now. First off, before I start rambling about me, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my favourite things. They are all things that I like looking at and just make me feel happy with their associated memories. These lovelies are on top of the fridge:

In the middle is half of my cabinet of glassware and bits. Then when I wash up I have this cheeky chappie cuddling his eggs grinning at me.

Today the little buns are at their grandparents and so it's fairly quiet around here. Apart from just bathing a very muddy little Pug and trying to find where the chickens have hidden themselves. So I thought today's the day. The ideas of how I wanted my blog to be have buzzed about my head for too long. So off we go .....I've always made things. My earliest memory is making one of my baby dresses into an owl and then sticking a couple of cup cake tins on for eyes and stuffing my mum's old tights inside. So no wonder that I have two little hoarder/crafters in my home.

I went to art college straight from school, but ended up doing a multitude of other things. Having the little buns brought me back to making again. I learnt to knit when I was pregnant the second time round so that I would sit down and it's been a good addiction ever since. I started designing and making toys, bags and blankets and whatever else I fancied for my girls and then I got asked by others if I would make them one too. So my passion for making has grown and grown. I keep wanting to learn new skills so I taught myself to crochet and embroider. I want to give felting a go next. For christmas I made the little buns a knitted doll each from a lovely book called Dream Toys by Clare Garland and also bits for their new sewing boxes. Smaller bun has called her mermaid Melodie:

Bigger little bun has called her fairy Daisy and styled and shot this photo of her with her other favourite present.

My other addiction is basically old stuff (which you have probably guessed by now). As a student all I wore was vintage and recyled. Now I'm older (just hit 40 this week) I adore car boots, auctions, fleamarkets, junk shops - you name it. So as our cottage is small and I needed a job when the buns went to school I decided to start selling my vintage homeware and my vintage inspired accessories. It's taken a while, but I'm getting into some good fairs and fleamarkets now so fingers crossed. I don't think I'll ever be running a multinational company, but this suits all of us and I can just about juggle it making sure all the little ones human and furry are looked after. At the end of all this I sometimes get a bit of time with my lovely husband.

I think I'd better introduce you now to one of the furry and four of the feathered friends. First up are Hilda, Mabel, Betty and Hennypenny:

I'm cheating with these pictures of the ladies and their home as it was in the summer, they're still out and about, but it's a muddy quagmire there now. Next Mr Alfie Blue and a bit of male knee:

Alfie's tongue permanently hangs out as it's a wee bit too long for him. All adds up to making him that bit more adorable to us. Poor boy wants the hens to play with him, but they don't understand his rules. Now they have taken to bullying him and wouldn't let him in the house yesterday so I had to rescue him.

Well I think I have exhausted myself working this all out, but I have just been told off as I forgot to include my little bun's cat Molly. So here she is saying goodbye until next time.


  1. Hooray I found you :-)

    Welcome to the world of blogging Mrs Bun! Loving it already and look forward to hearing more about your life. Before you know it you will be innudated with visitors. I will add you to my blogroll.

    Donna x

  2. Thanks Donna for plugging away until you found me. Just got to work out how to do all the extra bits.

  3. Good luck with your new blog! It's looking great already :-)


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