Friday, 16 January 2009


On Monday our one and only laptop went kerboom. I think it did it louder than that actually -KEEERRBBOOOOOOOOM is more precise as the hard drive died. Sigh. Then my lovely mum said she had wanted to buy one for my fledgling business anyway as a birthday present. So now we won't have to share around here anymore. I thought this picture of our Rayburn was better to look at than a laptop blowing up. So that' s the only reason why it's here.

I also wanted to show you Bobo who inspired the name I sell under and now this blog. For 39 years she has been very well loved. I have to keep re-stuffing her and patching her up, but well worn toys show how much they've been loved. I'm too much of a softie really, we have The Velveteen Rabbit, but I've never been able to face reading it as just knowing he gets lost and forgotten is enough heartache for me.

My Nanny gave Bobo to me when I was one, knitted by Great Aunt Elsie. Apparently she had the most beautiful felted outift on, but I ripped that off and lept on the sofa with her shouting Bobo. My nan made the trouser suit she's wearing now. She was my best friend all through my childhood and went everywhere with me. I took her to school every day and held her bobbing under my arm, even when the teachers told me to put her down. At night she laid across my neck keeping me safe and warm. Littlest bun cuddles her now at night, even though she is angry with me for not doing it more as she says she is mine after all. So when it came to choosing a name that summed up everything I wanted my work to be about Bobo Bun was the only choice.

The other thing I loved when I was little were tins. I remember tins with toffees in them, covered in kittens and hidden at the bottom of my stocking at christmas. I used to keep all my secret messages, buttons, ideas anything in them. Somehow I haven't lost this. Now I have so many I forget what I've put in each one, so it's always fun when I do have a peek inside and find something I'd forgotten about.

This one was from louise loves couple of years ago. It's really bright and cheery and so I love it.

I got this one for my husband as it's from Dubarry of Hove. He grew up near the factory so it was a bit of home we could bring with us. It still has the original contents in, but we can't open it so don't know what it smells like now.

These ones remind me how whimsical and fun tins used to be and just make me happy. The buns are getting a bit of a tin thing now too. In fact they're getting a bit of a collecting habit like their mummy and daddy and now want these tins for themselves.


  1. Hi love the rayburn it looks lovely. Thats a lovely name Bobo bun , sounds well loved too!
    Tins are lovely, I have a couple of nice old ones. In your previous thread I see you have a tala measuring jug. I have one and bought it for 10p!, I remember thinking did I need to straighten it!!! silly me. I think they are all like it on the base!
    I have emailed you x Dom

  2. Oh Bobo is sooooo sweet, and much loved (you can see that). Love the tins, I to have a weakness for those.

    Do I spot some familiar vintage kid's fabric behind Bobo?

  3. Look carefully in most of the pictures and you might spot something familiar Donna. You have such gorgeous fabric.


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